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TOnionLayout was developed to layout forms and datamasks. By using minimum and maximum size the layout will resize to fit the available space. The components inside TOnionLayout only have to fit together approximately, the layout will align the components to look neatly by itself.

TOnionLayout consists of {{TotemLayout }}(vertical box) and {{TrainLayout }}(horizontal box). They stack into each other like layers of an onion.

TotemLayout will give all components the same width and optimize the height of each component.

TrainLayout will give all components the same height and optimize the width of each component.





Comment by Joel Orlina [ 01/30/18 ]

Configuration has been prepared, now you can:

please comment on this ticket when you promoted your first release, thanks

Comment by Birke Heeren [ 02/01/18 ]

I promoted my first release

Comment by Joel Orlina [ 02/01/18 ]

You're not quite done. I see an open staging repository named decopepod-1000 here:


It appears that there were staging errors. If you select that staging repository, navigate to the bottom pane, click the activity tab, and expand the tree, you'll see error details. You'll need to correct those errors and re-deploy.

Comment by Birke Heeren [ 02/02/18 ]

I am using Maven now but I get the following error:

[DEBUG] Authentication succeeded
[DEBUG]  << "<nexus-error>[\n]"
[DEBUG]  << "  <errors>[\n]"
[DEBUG]  << "    <error>[\n]"
[DEBUG]  << "      <id>*</id>[\n]"
[DEBUG]  << "      <msg>No such repository: decopepod-1002</msg>[\n]"
[DEBUG]  << "    </error>[\n]"
[DEBUG]  << "  </errors>[\n]"
[DEBUG]  << "</nexus-error>"

What can I do?

Comment by Joel Orlina [ 02/02/18 ]

What are you doing to throw that error? Can you include the commands and maybe the complete logs?

Comment by Birke Heeren [ 02/03/18 ]

Thank you for your help.

I added the pom, the settings.xml (without passwords) and the errorlog.log

In eclipse I use Maven build... and type in

Goals: deploy -X

Profiles: sign

Comment by Birke Heeren [ 02/04/18 ]

It is staged now! I simply uploaded the files generated by Maven in folder target by hand.

Comment by Birke Heeren [ 02/04/18 ]

It is not in the central repository yet. What will happen next?

Comment by Birke Heeren [ 02/05/18 ]

Hi, I found the release button and released the deployment.

Comment by Joel Orlina [ 02/05/18 ]

Central sync is activated for de.copepod.tonion. After you successfully release, your component will be published to Central, typically within 10 minutes, though updates to search.maven.org can take up to two hours.

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