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This issue is to track interest in providing some official integration of bower.io and Nexus.

Please comment to this issue to express your interest and what features you would like Nexus to have.

Comment by Matt McHenry [ 10/10/14 ]

We're using https://github.com/Hacklone/private-bower right now. We would like Nexus to step into that role, so that we can avoid the internal infrastructure burden of hosting another mirror of another external package repo in another technology.

Comment by Michael Rumpf [ 10/25/14 ]

Our projects, using Bower.io, have to be configured (.bowerrc) to use a proxy. For Npm, Maven, and Ant/Ivy projects we do not configure a proxy so that we can find projects explicitly adding external repositores to their configuration when the dependency resolution fails.

Comment by Peter Lynch [ 10/27/14 ]

Michael Rumpf http://bower.io/docs/config/#registrysearch will not be the best approach if an organization wants better control and vetting around what registries to allow access to

Comment by sean abbott [ 11/03/14 ]

Basically what Matt McHenry said.

Comment by Christopher Jackson [ 01/27/15 ]

I would also like to see this functionality added. It would be nice to be able to manage NPM, Bower, and Java packages all from one place.

Comment by Dan Tran [ 01/27/15 ]

I wonder how Nexus handles artifacts with Git Url address?? NPM and Bower have that notion

Comment by Jens Rutschmann (K15t Software) [ 03/17/15 ]

I'm building single page applications with maven for the backend and gulp & bower for the frontend.
Would be really nice if I could maintain all the node modules required for the toolchain as well as the bower dependencies for the SPA in the existing nexus infrastructure.

Comment by Rene Ras [ 03/30/15 ]

Is there any planning regarding this issue ?

Would be great to have the following features for bower:

  • Fallback to public packages
  • Cache public registry
  • Cache public git repositories


Comment by Darko Palic [ 05/21/15 ]

+1 @Rene Ras. We already use the NPM registry of nexus and this has boosted the retrieve performance of the npm packages about 2 figure factors.
Is there any way to help to get this feature early?

Comment by Justin Wright [ 08/18/15 ]

+1 @Rene Ras

These features would be valuable:

  • private bower repository with a backing store
  • REST service to publish bower artifact to the private bower repository
  • unified search for all artifact types bower, npm, java
Comment by Brent Ulbricht [ 08/18/15 ]


This would be a great addition. I was looking at https://github.com/Hacklone/private-bower, but would rather manage all dependencies from Nexus.

Comment by Discover CDI team [ 09/03/15 ]


Comment by Rodrigo Silveira [ 09/08/15 ]

+1, as per @Justin note above

Comment by Grégory PELLETEY [ 09/11/15 ]

Version 1.5 of bower add the pluggable resolver functionality.
jFrog has already created a node.js package to make it work with Artifactory:
Would be a great first step to support bower.

Comment by Grégory PELLETEY [ 09/16/15 ]

Unlinke artifactory, I'm making a bower-nexus-resolver. However there is one requirement to be fullfilled to accomplish the task.
When hitting a certain endpoint to get a bower dependency (for example angular), it should return a JSON with as the following:

  "name" : "angular",
  "url" : "nexus://angular/angular"

which is similar to what the default bower.herokuapp registry is answering:
https://bower.herokuapp.com/packages/angular returns


So we need to define a endpoint in nexus returning the correct JSON:

Comment by Grégory PELLETEY [ 09/21/15 ]

I've created some sort of resolver for nexus. Since Nexus does not integrate the facilities of Bower, you need to create an interface between Nexus and Bower with a fake bower registry.
Any contributions is welcome.


Comment by Darko Palic [ 09/21/15 ]

Gregory, great work!

I am still not fully clear, why noone from sonatype is responding? It would be great to have a bower repository integrated into nexus. So nearly all relevant repositories for the java world would be available to use from one central place?!?

Comment by Darko Palic [ 09/22/15 ]

Brian, thx for the response!
Can you roughly give us a Quarter and year, there the nexus 3 release may show up? Great to hear about the docker support.

By the way, nexus is a great project, many thanks for your lifetime you and your team are investing also for other guys all other the world.

Comment by Stefan Bley [ 10/16/15 ]

Happy to hear bower is on your list
I would also like to know which quarter you plan to ship that, roughly.

Comment by Keith Hoopes [ 03/07/16 ]

Glad to hear this is coming.
This is something we need at our company.
The sooner the better.

Comment by Nicolas Rosado [ 03/10/16 ]

I'm looking forward to seeing all features for Bower.
I'm agree with Darko, Nexus is a great project and it's very useful in our company !

Comment by Jeffry Hesse [ 03/15/16 ]

As a part of the next Nexus 3 release we will be delivering:

  • the ability to proxy Bower registries such as the main registry
  • the ability to create a Bower hosted registry
  • the ability to group Bower proxies and hosted registries together

In combination, we are releasing a URL resolver for Bower that will be needed in order to use this functionality. Stay tuned for more information as the release is rapidly approaching.

Comment by Mohamad Kassir [ 03/16/16 ]

Great News!
Is there an available version of Nexus OSS with this correction, I would like to test it.

Comment by Nicolas Rosado [ 03/24/16 ]

Could you tell me when the URL resolver for bower will be released ?
I'm looking forward to testing bower features with nexus.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Comment by Joe Tom [ 03/24/16 ]

Nicolas Rosado The URL resolver should be launched with the release of "Homeslice" (3.0). If you mean when will that be launched, we usually do blog posts and site updates but you can subscribe also to https://groups.google.com/a/glists.sonatype.com/forum/#!forum/nexus-users if you'd like a mail.

Mohamad Kassir Sorry for the delay in reply. There's no available version of Nexus OSS with this implemented out at this time. Our release timeframe is "very soon" so keep an eye open! Thanks!

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