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  • [NEXUS-18610] - Raw proxy errors on URL encoded space and plus (+) characters
  • [NEXUS-19181] - staging NullPointerException when moving docker assets via DockerComponentDirector.maybeCopyAssets
  • [NEXUS-23750] - Does not support npm GitHub Package Registry
  • [NEXUS-24485] - Docker Manifest generation is incorrect for Redeploy Disabled repositories.
  • [NEXUS-25148] - Incremental yum rebuilds with only COMPS files are ignored
  • [NEXUS-25501] - Logout with anonymous off fires JS error, can malform page
  • [NEXUS-25626] - Docker redeploy on the latest tag fails when more than one tag exists for the image
  • [NEXUS-25733] - NuGet v3 repository index.json generation
  • [NEXUS-25783] - Browse of NuGet packages from visual studio fails if user doesn't have browse privileges to all group members
  • [NEXUS-25784] - Browse request to NuGet v3 search URL in group fails completely if one of the group's members has DNS lookup failure
  • [NEXUS-25868] - Podman push of new image tag fails when docker cli push succeeds for the same actions
  • [NEXUS-25904] - The "admin - change repository blob store" task should not allow selection of a promoted blob store
  • [NEXUS-25908] - nuget restore does not resolve inbound normalized package versions to unnormalized published versions using NuGet v3
  • [NEXUS-25924] - If the remote of a NuGet v3 proxy is not reachable it breaks requests to a NuGet group
  • [NEXUS-25985] - "Docker - Delete unused manifests and images" task deletes digest manifests referenced by other manifests
  • [NEXUS-26003] - Helm proxy : difference between helm index file and real artifact url
  • [NEXUS-26036] - wrong issuer displayed for trusted SSL certificates
  • [NEXUS-26093] - Create proxy repository in API UI fails due to password missing from Authentication JSON
  • [NEXUS-26099] - No way to set "useTrustStore" in proxy repository REST API
  • [NEXUS-26118] - pip search does not work *via* NXRM PyPI proxy to NXRM PyPI repository and authentication is required
  • [NEXUS-26129] - Promoting a nested blob store causes it to be removed entirely
  • [NEXUS-26132] - upgrade of NXRM 2 to NXRM 3 maven assets fails due to IllegalStateException: Missing {attributes:checksum} sha256
  • [NEXUS-26315] - Cleanup Policy List shows Error 500 after Upgrade 3.28.0 to 3.29.2
  • [NEXUS-26355] - sha512 or sha256 hashes are processed by expensive repository content validation
  • [NEXUS-26379] - Regression: DockerFacetUtils.findAssetByContentDigest() causes poor performance under load in 3.29.x
  • [NEXUS-26453] - saving the s3 blobstore config can break async tmp blob deletes by not restarting the async delete thread pool
  • [NEXUS-26473] - Thread cooperation does not work when recovering from missing blobs in proxy repositories
  • [NEXUS-26483] - Nexus UI causes Uncaught TypeError when the username contains 'api' string with privilege 'nx-api-reader'
  • [NEXUS-26504] - Newly created compact blob store task has "multinode=true"
  • [NEXUS-26518] - NullPointerException during move repository blobstore due to missing blobs
  • [NEXUS-26605] - Rebuild metadata fails to rebuild corrupt metadata files
  • [NEXUS-26611] - conda proxy repositories do not support inbound conditional HTTP GET HEAD
  • [NEXUS-26668] - repository.docker.gc Docker - Delete unused manifests and assets task may fail if a record gets deleted from the database while running
  • [NEXUS-26676] - IllegalOperationException: Repair - Rebuild Maven repository metadata
  • [NEXUS-27317] - 500 null pointer error in Helm proxy repo


  • [NEXUS-24446] - Add Azure Blob Storage support to NXRM blob store
  • [NEXUS-25275] - improve docker repository human readable error response messages
  • [NEXUS-25623] - Provide a different status than Quarantined for components Pending Quarantine
  • [NEXUS-25909] - Protect inbound HTTPS connections against Weak Diffie-Hellman Keys and Logjam by default
  • [NEXUS-26196] - Allow enabling truststore with Repository Management REST API
  • [NEXUS-26319] - remove reference to sonatype-public-grid from pom files
  • [NEXUS-26606] - Upgrade Eclipse Jetty to 9.4.38.v20210224


  • [NEXUS-12022] - Allow preemptive authentication for maven proxy repositories

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