Release Notes - Dev - Nexus Repo - Version 3.19.0 - HTML format


  • [NEXUS-13302] - REST API replacement for /service/local/roles


  • [NEXUS-6366] - Crowd: excessive requests to crowd server when listing crowd users
  • [NEXUS-10679] - NPM repos don't handle HEAD requests
  • [NEXUS-16426] - Weekly scheduled task runs a day early when configured in different timezone
  • [NEXUS-16777] - upgrade from Nexus 2.x to Nexus 3.x is allowed when nexus.clustered=true
  • [NEXUS-17638] - [ERROR] Failed to construct terminal; falling back to unsupported
  • [NEXUS-19102] - Unable to proxy private Azure (ACR) registry
  • [NEXUS-19733] - UnsupportedOperationException: Maintenance method 'getDatabaseStatus' or 'getDatabaseRole' is only supported in clustered mode when generating support zip
  • [NEXUS-19871] - Upload to pypi hosted repository fails against s3 blob storage
  • [NEXUS-19955] - GroupFacetImpl#isStale should not fail request if CacheInfo is missing
  • [NEXUS-19997] - Logout from Blobstore group errors
  • [NEXUS-20008] - npm-registry plugin fails to merge metadata of different types, causes java.lang.StackOverflowError
  • [NEXUS-20310] - karaf bundle install from deploy directory may not work and logging states IllegalStateException: Missing recipe for format bundle
  • [NEXUS-20383] - Add "Powershell" to the default anti-CSRF filter whiltelist
  • [NEXUS-20430] - go mod proxy does not support the list GET Request
  • [NEXUS-20552] - Repair - Reconcile component database from blobstore task dry run option can block download of hosted assets which do not have an owning component
  • [NEXUS-20779] - rotating S3 bucket credentials can prevent an S3 blobstore from showing in the UI
  • [NEXUS-20861] - Deleting a nuget package from a proxy repository removes its version from group level metadata
  • [NEXUS-20965] - Docker Blob attribute "Content Digest" uses manifest content digest logic to calculate SHA
  • [NEXUS-21192] - Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in NXRM 3.x



  • [NEXUS-9733] - CocoaPods format support
  • [NEXUS-16932] - Conda format support
  • [NEXUS-18067] - Allow cleanup by regular expression
  • [NEXUS-19120] - add support for proxying docker images with foreign layers
  • [NEXUS-19348] - add support for upload and download of pre-signed Python package .asc files using twine upload --sign
  • [NEXUS-19494] - Provide mechanism to test S3 permissions on Blobstore
  • [NEXUS-19525] - Allow cleanup to utilize more than a single policy
  • [NEXUS-19566] - Multithread S3 blob store upload
  • [NEXUS-20159] - Include an indication of the CleanUp tasks log file in the nexus.log file when CleanUp task is run
  • [NEXUS-20403] - make LDAP DN and RDN related field labels less confusing
  • [NEXUS-21069] - REST API to manipulate blobstores
  • [NEXUS-21070] - REST API for trusting remote TLS certificates


  • [NEXUS-9862] - support npm dist-tag command
  • [NEXUS-16734] - Add REST API to Manage Nexus Certificate Store
  • [NEXUS-17797] - No provision to provide server side encryption kms key details while creating s3 type blobstore
  • [NEXUS-19142] - Add REST API to Set Email Server & Enable/Disable
  • [NEXUS-19143] - Add REST API Endpoint for LDAP CRUD Operations
  • [NEXUS-19144] - Add REST API to Set NXRM License
  • [NEXUS-19145] - Add REST API to Configure IQ Server
  • [NEXUS-19146] - Add REST API Endpoint for Content Selector CRUD
  • [NEXUS-20682] - Support golang in Component IQ

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