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  • [NEXUS-11139] - ConcurrentModificationException when deleting NPM resource
  • [NEXUS-15582] - docker proxy repository does not work for
  • [NEXUS-16225] - Swagger UI caching causing load problems on upgrade
  • [NEXUS-16718] - "scope" authentication errors when connecting to
  • [NEXUS-16740] - Nexus Upload Interface doesnt update or create metadata after upload file
  • [NEXUS-16792] - PyPi component upload rest api fails with NPE
  • [NEXUS-16870] - CVE-2018-12100 Multiple XSS vulnerabilities in UI administration
  • [NEXUS-16938] - Upload maven-releases button disabled
  • [NEXUS-16965] - Repair - Rebuild repository browse is not cancelable
  • [NEXUS-16969] - RHC report only available / visible on one node in HA-C
  • [NEXUS-16980] - Regression: User tokens cannot be retreive by users who have "nx-usertoken-current" privilege
  • [NEXUS-16992] - 403 forbidden when a proxy repository authenticates to private docker registry in gitlab
  • [NEXUS-17005] - JavaScript error when uploading nuget package in 3.11.0
  • [NEXUS-17097] - Error communicating with IQ server persists indefinitely in repository manager if IQ server connection fails while displaying the repository list
  • [NEXUS-17221] - REST API Swagger generates extra "-F" causing command to fail.


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