Release Notes - Dev - Nexus Repo - Version 3.11.0 - HTML format


  • [NEXUS-9640] - infinite timeout on sockets performing CONNECT tunneling through a HTTP Proxy server
  • [NEXUS-10110] - Publish Maven Indexes task does not always fetch remote index to make it searchable
  • [NEXUS-13148] - Query timeout when running Publish Maven Indexes task.
  • [NEXUS-14493] - directory to restore backups from should not be named "backup"
  • [NEXUS-15422] - NuGet API Key generated by a user authenticated with RUT will get purged by Purge Orphaned API Keys task
  • [NEXUS-16227] - Assigned privileges are restored when repository is deleted and created again
  • [NEXUS-16387] - Attempting to rebuild browse nodes for deleted repositories results in NullPointerException on startup
  • [NEXUS-16393] - NullPointerException when merging group GAV maven-metadata.xml for non-timestamped snapshot
  • [NEXUS-16463] - IE: Cannot download from Tree View/Search UI
  • [NEXUS-16493] - Automatic checksum generation on maven UI upload
  • [NEXUS-16518] - HA security UI save fails with no error then next save reports "updated in the meantime" errors
  • [NEXUS-16539] - Nexus 3 does not auto-block on 401 responses from
  • [NEXUS-16561] - ODatabaseDocumentTx.backup may fail due to IllegalArgumentException Directory not found
  • [NEXUS-16584] - OutOfMemory when uploading artifact
  • [NEXUS-16648] - hazelcast-network.xml is not included in support zip
  • [NEXUS-16679] - Content-Security-Policy and X-Frame-Options headers prevent iframes from being used in repository content
  • [NEXUS-16729] - FileBlobStore Attempt to access non-existent blob path$health-check WARN log spam
  • [NEXUS-16753] - Connection pool leak when docker hub proxy repository receives 401 responses from
  • [NEXUS-16757] - Delete incomplete uploads DockerUploadPurgeTask task fails in 3.10.0


  • [NEXUS-12331] - YUM repository format support
  • [NEXUS-12685] - upgrade httpclient dependency to 4.5.4 or greater
  • [NEXUS-15768] - Yum hosted should log more information when the metadata is being generated
  • [NEXUS-16713] - break up the PUT_SCAN upload work in HealthCheckTask into pages
  • [NEXUS-16881] - Disable OrientDB live query support


  • [NEXUS-11446] - add base staging suite like features for repository manager 3.x
  • [NEXUS-15470] - Reduce the default frequency of updating asset last access time
  • [NEXUS-16450] - Upgrade to OrientDB 2.2.34 to pick up HA sync and backup fixes

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