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  • [NEXUS-10370] - RubyGems assets have horizontal scroll that remains regardless of browser width
  • [NEXUS-11179] - Error on login from anonymous from a browse details level
  • [NEXUS-12030] - Schedule task prompts for discarding changes after change of day
  • [NEXUS-13329] - Maven artifact whose case does not match the version folder they reside in are not migrated
  • [NEXUS-13894] - Docker unauthenticated access shows "unknown: unknown" console output
  • [NEXUS-14062] - ERROR OConcurrentModificationException Cannot UPDATE the record because the version is not the latest during upgrade of npm repositories
  • [NEXUS-14105] - potential OutOfMemory or poor performance retrieving specs.4.8.gz from a rubygems repository
  • [NEXUS-14384] - No INFO log message when repositories are created and deleted
  • [NEXUS-14414] - Privileges warn they're read only twice
  • [NEXUS-14511] - ERROR failed to release FreezeRequest from DatabaseBackupTask
  • [NEXUS-14528] - INFO log message is missing when a repository is deleted/created/changed
  • [NEXUS-14598] - Setting "require user tokens for repository authentication" prevents npm bearer tokens from working
  • [NEXUS-14878] - Artifact with no maven group is redeployed when "Disable redeploy" is set on maven hosted repo
  • [NEXUS-14960] - can contain references to repositories that do not exist causing 3.6.1 upgrade to fail
  • [NEXUS-15090] - Asset search does not treat short and long parameter names the same
  • [NEXUS-16088] - deleting a repository may lead to Error deserializing record ODatabaseException The database instance is not set in the current thread requiring a server restart


  • [NEXUS-12216] - Support pushing Docker Windows Container images and loosen manifest validation to allow for 'foreign-layers'
  • [NEXUS-12518] - Allow browsing components/assets in a hierarchical tree-like view
  • [NEXUS-12531] - Allow browse of repository storage via HTML index directory listing
  • [NEXUS-13151] - add support for npm GET /-/v1/search resource
  • [NEXUS-14639] - Add sha1 to asset resource on REST API


  • [NEXUS-10162] - migrating NXRM2 to NXRM3 automatically enables legacy content URLs
  • [NEXUS-11902] - REST Asset Search & Download Resource

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