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  • [TYCHO-299] - maven-osgi-compiler-plugin bug
  • [TYCHO-364] - MavenProject.getCompileSourceRoots() doesn´t reflect settings from
  • [TYCHO-400] - Compilation fails due to missing indirectly referenced class files
  • [TYCHO-421] - Versions in target definition files are interpreted differently than in Eclipse
  • [TYCHO-431] - maven-osgi-source-plugin should process only on eclipse_plugin-s and eclipse_test_plugin-s
  • [TYCHO-432] - Tycho-Surefire should be configureable if empty test runs are a failure or not ("failIfNoTests")
  • [TYCHO-455] - Tycho giving PARTIAL IU without further details
  • [TYCHO-458] - feature.xml with underspecified os/ws/arch fragments lead to bundle resolution problems
  • [TYCHO-464] - Tycho 0.9.0 improperly downloads some dependencies
  • [TYCHO-465] - root files not supported on feature level
  • [TYCHO-476] - Tycho ignores explicit compiler source/target from pom.xml
  • [TYCHO-478] - "eclipse-test-plugin"-type projects in tycho-p2/ not part of the tycho reactor build and currently do not compile
  • [TYCHO-483] - tycho should inject full classpath (including nested jars) and source folders back into maven model
  • [TYCHO-484] - target platform resolution takes very long time in some cases
  • [TYCHO-495] - org.sonatype.tycho.p2.publisher.AbstractDependenciesAction generates invalid platform filter
  • [TYCHO-502] - source bundles: source and bundle qualifiers do not match if rebuilt without clean
  • [TYCHO-503] - URLs double-encoded in p2 publisher/director calls
  • [TYCHO-504] - eclipse-repository: qualifier replacement of product version fails with non-SNAPSHOT POM version
  • [TYCHO-515] - Fix source bundle generation
  • [TYCHO-516] - No connector available to access repository of type p2
  • [TYCHO-521] - eclipse-repository: plugin unpack flag not honored consistently across all configured environments
  • [TYCHO-526] - Multiplatform reactor build with p2 target platform resolver is broken
  • [TYCHO-529] - Materialized products don't user simpleconfigurator if environment not set
  • [TYCHO-535] - Please upgrade org.apache.maven.enforcer to 1.0
  • [TYCHO-542] - NPE in set-version for pom dependencies without version
  • [TYCHO-543] - p2 slicer resolution problems are hidden
  • [TYCHO-556] - NPE if discovery URL is specified in feature.xml
  • [TYCHO-557] - incorrect LDAP os/ws/arch filter in case of only one filter argument
  • [TYCHO-566] - feature rootfiles: add support for wildcard patterns, file permissions, symbolic links
  • [TYCHO-568] - IllegalStateException: Feature ... is not part of the project build target platform
  • [TYCHO-569] - "mvn clean install" fails and then succeeds on same (unchanged) Tycho project
  • [TYCHO-571] - NPE for repository p2 in getLogger AbstractZipUnArchiver
  • [TYCHO-577] - Tycho removes JARs from Bundle-ClassPath if they don't exist at the beginning of the build
  • [TYCHO-583] - product build fails if feature uses different qualifier formats than product
  • [TYCHO-585] - allowConflictingDependencies - IllegalStateException: Feature [..] is not part of the project build target platform
  • [TYCHO-591] - AssertionFailed Exception with empty <nonProxyHosts/> in the proxy section in settings.xml
  • [TYCHO-593] - p2 metadata for source bundles missing


  • [TYCHO-485] - [cleanup] delete org.sonatype.tycho.p2.publisher once Eclipse bug #315757 is fixed
  • [TYCHO-499] - update embedded equinox to 3.6.1
  • [TYCHO-507] - Allow specifying a root folder for materialized products with eclipse-repository

User Story

  • [TYCHO-241] - Resolve multi-platform project dependencies from p2
  • [TYCHO-506] - Support project attached artifacts and their associated p2 metadata
  • [TYCHO-513] - eclipse-repository shall use p2 metadata from local reactor module builds
  • [TYCHO-514] - introduce embedder api
  • [TYCHO-528] - Tycho lifecycles should specify versions of all plugins
  • [TYCHO-534] - Unable to run unit tests with spaces in path name
  • [TYCHO-551] - Build self-contained p2 repository
  • [TYCHO-560] - Tycho 0.11.0 release preparation
  • [TYCHO-587] - At least ``package'' phase execution is required error when building feature
  • [TYCHO-601] - Add deprecation warning for -Dtycho.targetPlatform

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