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  • [NEXUS-1798] - Running Download Indexes task prior to changing Download Remote Indexes to True for repo never causes remote download to occur
  • [NEXUS-2121] - Evict Unused Items Task running against hosted repositories
  • [NEXUS-2132] - Problem with remote index context when switching between 'download remote index' true and false
  • [NEXUS-2137] - 403 when logged in as admin
  • [NEXUS-2162] - User can deploy to group repositories
  • [NEXUS-2224] - Should put hard limit on number of results returned from search
  • [NEXUS-2234] - RAO snapshot remover removed non-unique snapshot with no release counterpart
  • [NEXUS-2256] - EHCache: disable disk overflow, lower object count to 5000
  • [NEXUS-2280] - MergeOperation fails on metadata with versioning section but no lastUpdate field in it


  • [NEXUS-2141] - Add Nexus Book, Screencasts, and Blogs to the Help Menu
  • [NEXUS-2200] - Remove snapshots task should not fail if repo contains invalid GAV's
  • [NEXUS-2229] - Look into memory issues on rso
  • [NEXUS-2233] - Exploratory testing for 1.3.5 release
  • [NEXUS-2276] - Upgrade testing for Nexus 1.3.5

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