Release Notes - Book - Nexus Book - Version 4.0 - HTML format


  • [NXBOOK-690] - Document Insight Panel in search
  • [NXBOOK-692] - Add spring-beans as security issue example
  • [NXBOOK-693] - Add some example where declared and observed license are different
  • [NXBOOK-694] - Document security and license issue levels
  • [NXBOOK-698] - Add routing as CLM task securing the requests that go out


  • [NXBOOK-319] - Rewrite First Paragraph of Section 7 in Installation Chapter
  • [NXBOOK-543] - Post-install checklist references "repositories" under "administration" this is wrong
  • [NXBOOK-572] - Incorrect statement of which address Nexus listens to by default in section 3.4
  • [NXBOOK-616] - "Nexus Plugin Descriptor Maven Plugin" section is out-dated
  • [NXBOOK-625] - NuGet Virtual repo image is incorrect (Fig 15.6)
  • [NXBOOK-630] - Update Nexus Prerequisites
  • [NXBOOK-661] - Managing Users section should note that plugins can contribute more tabs
  • [NXBOOK-667] - Update figure: OSSvPRO features
  • [NXBOOK-677] - example POM settings file for nexus staging suite v2
  • [NXBOOK-678] - Maven Site plugin renamed to Site Repository plugin
  • [NXBOOK-686] - Add content about secure central access


  • [NXBOOK-612] - Improve section on Sonatype Nexus Directories
  • [NXBOOK-618] - Nexus Welcome screenshot out of date
  • [NXBOOK-619] - User signup plugin doc should mention that an SMTP server needs to be configured
  • [NXBOOK-669] - Capabilities needs to be documented
  • [NXBOOK-670] - Include link to upgrade notes in the Upgrading chapter
  • [NXBOOK-682] - Clarify (non) support for war
  • [NXBOOK-683] - Settings.xml
  • [NXBOOK-684] - Add CLM focus


  • [NXBOOK-186] - Add a Section about Configuring Server SMTP Settings
  • [NXBOOK-288] - Add Clarification that Internal Nexus Roles as Read-only
  • [NXBOOK-289] - Add Clarification that Weekly Schedule Services Must Select Days of Week
  • [NXBOOK-453] - Add information about Auto-blocking
  • [NXBOOK-456] - add nexus-archetype-plugin into the book
  • [NXBOOK-524] - Update Plugin Development Chapter to Reflect the Need to Maven 3
  • [NXBOOK-565] - Update Sonatype Address to MD
  • [NXBOOK-574] - summary tab of Proxy repo doesn't show Size info as described in document
  • [NXBOOK-626] - Update logging section to reflect Nexus 2.1
  • [NXBOOK-631] - Add security and license info column in search results
  • [NXBOOK-679] - Figure out how to insert marketing html snippets in chunked html version
  • [NXBOOK-681] - Wiki page about working with the books
  • [NXBOOK-688] - remove epub books from sites
  • [NXBOOK-695] - Remove Checksum search related content from book

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