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  • [NEXUS-20152] - S3 Blob Store: Timeout waiting for connection from pool
  • [NEXUS-26177] - Deleting an npm repository or invalidating the cache breaks npm audit
  • [NEXUS-26312] - "Last downloaded" not updating consistently in NuGet
  • [NEXUS-26358] - WARN messages from SupportRestorer Can't find file to restore data
  • [NEXUS-26732] - Race condition in "Docker - Delete unused manifests and images" can cause assets to be mistakenly deleted
  • [NEXUS-26737] - Deleting manifest with Docker API does not delete all tags
  • [NEXUS-26829] - Copy and config links incorrect for nuget V3 proxy repos
  • [NEXUS-26845] - HTTP error status code not logged on proxy repository automatic blocking
  • [NEXUS-26938] - Use HEAD request to determine whether remote content has changed instead of conditional GET to avoid hitting DockerHub rate limit prematurely
  • [NEXUS-26971] - Incorrect npm metadata reported when using group repository
  • [NEXUS-27014] - cleanup policies and tasks do not fully consider Docker layers can be referenced by manifests in other repositories
  • [NEXUS-27015] - IllegalArgumentException on Publish Maven Index task
  • [NEXUS-27130] - GA maven-metadata.xml fails to refresh if a GAV is deleted via Browse's "Delete Folder" button
  • [NEXUS-27182] - Blob paths traversal
  • [NEXUS-27427] - Blank values for NuGet attributes
  • [NEXUS-27436] - NPM Metadata Rebuild Failing Due to NPE
  • [NEXUS-27563] - S3 connection pool exhaustion when merging repomd.xml in group repositories
  • [NEXUS-27564] - Yum Group repomd.xml merge connection pool exhaustion causes permanent problems
  • [NEXUS-27614] - PyPI can swallow errors when the simple index is being re-written


  • [NEXUS-20252] - Support Staging with PyPI format
  • [NEXUS-23959] - Define BlobStoreApiSoftQuota type allowableValues
  • [NEXUS-26617] - Upgrade karaf to 4.3.0
  • [NEXUS-27597] - Add ability to run `Repair - Reconcile component database from blob store` against a subset by time
  • [NEXUS-27683] - StorageFacetCleanupTaskManager Should Remove & Schedule Task


  • [NEXUS-24311] - Speed up Import from NXRM 2
  • [NEXUS-26931] - Add UI validation to ensure container name is all lower case alpha numeric
  • [NEXUS-27953] - Upgrade Eclipse Jetty to 9.4.42.v20210604

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