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  • [NEXUS-26287] - Content Selectors UI doesn't verify Name properly
  • [NEXUS-26501] - package content is out of specification when downloading from NuGet hosted
  • [NEXUS-26789] - Rebuilding GA maven-metadata.xml is slower than expected
  • [NEXUS-26855] - Non-indexed raw proxy repositories cannot be browsed
  • [NEXUS-26990] - Threads not cooperating when handling missing blobs for npm group package roots
  • [NEXUS-26992] - Stored XSS vulnerability
  • [NEXUS-27013] - Raw Proxy is encoding slashes for outbound requests
  • [NEXUS-27073] - CVE-2021-29158: Sensitive Information Disclosure
  • [NEXUS-27256] - NPE in npm proxy repository if remote is not an npm registry


  • [NEXUS-27384] - Upgrade Eclipse Jetty to 9.4.40.v20210413
  • [NEXUS-27444] - CVE-2021-30635 - Directory Traversal vulnerability

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