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  • [NEXUS-16480] - Content Selector preview filter is case sensitive
  • [NEXUS-24391] - 'Destination already contains component' error when using staging API
  • [NEXUS-25504] - Unable to pull images from hosted docker repo after move to new blobstore
  • [NEXUS-25600] - Repository Import Ignores Validation
  • [NEXUS-25611] - Installing via helm proxy errors if not using official remote
  • [NEXUS-25801] - Group repository registration API requests may fail
  • [NEXUS-25902] - Source blob store is not logged in repository move task
  • [NEXUS-25903] - Repository blob store set incorrectly after error in "admin - change repository blob store" task
  • [NEXUS-25936] - npm audit fails with 500 response using group and anonymous
  • [NEXUS-25987] - Maven component BASE_VERSION not set in 2 to 3 migration

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