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  • [NEXUS-16575] - Raw repo url returns Error 404
  • [NEXUS-19840] - /service/metrics/healthcheck returns 500 status code if a single healthcheck fails
  • [NEXUS-23733] - creating more than one file based blobstore using the same root path is not prevented
  • [NEXUS-23827] - PACKAGES.gz cannot be updated if R repo doesn't allow reupload
  • [NEXUS-24331] - deployment of rpm to a single directory causes metadata rebuild for entire repository
  • [NEXUS-24913] - npm audit caching prevents policy updates
  • [NEXUS-25105] - HTTP 500 response when attempting to delete LDAP user via REST API
  • [NEXUS-25116] - Getting Metadata hashes via a Maven group returns 404 Not found
  • [NEXUS-25147] - Rebuild metadata task leaves sha256 and sha512 files untouched for metadata files
  • [NEXUS-25158] - HeaderPatternFilter may reject implicit Host value due to certain combinations of X-Forwarded headers
  • [NEXUS-25186] - possible that requests abruptly terminating will not appear in request.log
  • [NEXUS-25291] - NuGet V3 Proxy can be configured only using a specific remote in UI field
  • [NEXUS-25292] - Bad blob file reference breaks repository export
  • [NEXUS-25304] - Health check details can fail with NPE if IQ server is setup but disabled
  • [NEXUS-25357] - NuGet Proxy does not work with some third-party V3 repositories
  • [NEXUS-25420] - NXRM to NXRM Nuget v3 proxying still results in direct requests to
  • [NEXUS-25464] - Blob reference not updated in asset after change repository
  • [NEXUS-25478] - Nuget V3 Group packages incorrectly sorted in page causing some installs to fail
  • [NEXUS-25502] - yum metadata is rebuilt after downloading it which can cause build failures
  • [NEXUS-25510] - Error Response Code 429 - Rate Limiting - does not autoblock
  • [NEXUS-25521] - Encoded proxy URL causes startup failure
  • [NEXUS-25527] - Crowd "Verify connection" button deletes all inputted values
  • [NEXUS-25529] - Security management Users API does not show "externalRoles" for Crowd
  • [NEXUS-25575] - Password Validator Message not shown when changing your password.
  • [NEXUS-25604] - Some newly deployed rpm files not showing up in primary.xml.gz, despite logging saying they are being added
  • [NEXUS-25605] - NuGet proxy repos to github package registry can fail query requests when accessed in a group repository
  • [NEXUS-25609] - encountering an exception processing payloads for a single NuGet group member repository can stop all group member processing
  • [NEXUS-25628] - yum metadata missing provides entries when multiple versions are provided by a package
  • [NEXUS-25775] - WARN messages WebResourceServiceImpl - Overlapping resources on path /static/img/sonatype-logo-with-hexagon.png
  • [NEXUS-25829] - CVE-2020-29436: XML External Entities injection vulnerability
  • [NEXUS-25830] - ClassCastException Long cannot be cast to Date for NuGet v3 registrations index


  • [NEXUS-14631] - Add more attributes to REST resource for asset
  • [NEXUS-19021] - Nothing is logged at default levels when roles are added or removed
  • [NEXUS-20267] - only allow the most secure cipher suites and TLS protocol versions for inbound HTTPS connections by default
  • [NEXUS-23331] - Add the support of helm push plugin
  • [NEXUS-25424] - Add configuration for Orient's "network.binary.maxLength"
  • [NEXUS-25506] - change the Remote URL of the default proxy repository to api version 3 compatible
  • [NEXUS-25774] - upgrade Eclipse Jetty to 9.4.33.v20201020
  • [NEXUS-25786] - explicitly disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 for inbound HTTPS connections by default


  • [NEXUS-25307] - Protect against deletion of related blob stores while the Change Repo Blob Store task is executing
  • [NEXUS-25423] - Add caching of catalog dates for npm component queries to IQ

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