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  • [NEXUS-21107] - Raw repo folders with special characters created using UI cannot be deleted
  • [NEXUS-23968] - PyPiHostedFacet does not delete TempBlob on getIndex
  • [NEXUS-23977] - Large docker image upload does not work well with slow inbound network
  • [NEXUS-24227] - archetype-catalog.xml is imported by import task to a maven repository
  • [NEXUS-24682] - Helm repositories require the packages to be relative to the index.yaml
  • [NEXUS-24718] - Running "docker delete unused manifests and images" task when blob storage is not available deletes all layers
  • [NEXUS-24830] - npm audit error with quarantined components
  • [NEXUS-24833] - After doing "Export assets" task then "Import external files" does not preserve lastBlobUpdated (last_updated)
  • [NEXUS-24842] - Slow performance pushing large images to S3 based blobstore
  • [NEXUS-24846] - Wrong Timezone used for Apt Release file
  • [NEXUS-24868] - Group does not export semver2 endpoints `RegistrationsBaseUrl/Versioned` when used as NuGet V3
  • [NEXUS-24916] - SAML configuration error root causes are swallowed and not logged at default levels
  • [NEXUS-24918] - npm audit should not fail if package.json contains a dependency that can't be found
  • [NEXUS-24998] - Continuation token fails intermittently with 406 response but then eventually works.
  • [NEXUS-24999] - query params for yum related db query not logged
  • [NEXUS-25036] - repositories with version policy of RELEASE should avoid processing any SNAPSHOT related requests
  • [NEXUS-25039] - Download of docker tags from hosted repository can fail with 400 response
  • [NEXUS-25156] - Npm Audit doesn't fail fast when no IQ server is configured
  • [NEXUS-25190] - Newly deployed RPM files do not always appear in yum metadata files
  • [NEXUS-25294] - DockerFacetUtils.findAssetByContentDigest NXRM 3.0.0-M7 backwards compatibility code is non-performant under load
  • [NEXUS-25296] - 502 error if a nuget-v3 group contains a proxy with different nuget version
  • [NEXUS-25340] - IllegalArgumentException: Invalid range for Docker Pushes
  • [NEXUS-25347] - org.eclipse.jetty loggers do not log messages if levels are edited
  • [NEXUS-25378] - docker PUT and PATCH requests may write to the same blob causing docker pushes to fail due to InvalidContentException: Content type could not be determined
  • [NEXUS-25736] - specially crafted inbound repository URLs can lead to outbound http connection pool starvation


  • [NEXUS-12016] - Moving repositories between blob stores
  • [NEXUS-14448] - Include IQ link in Maven output when a component blocked by Firewall
  • [NEXUS-18283] - Ability to Add Custom AWS S3 Regions to Blobstore Configuration
  • [NEXUS-19858] - Confirmation when promoting a blob store
  • [NEXUS-24904] - nxrm 3.26.0 introduces new ERROR level log messages from org.eclipse.jetty.util.log.StdErrLog
  • [NEXUS-25099] - Group deployment for NPM
  • [NEXUS-25117] - add configurability to how S3 temporary blobs are deleted
  • [NEXUS-25209] - Use DB-agnostic TempBlob where possible
  • [NEXUS-25336] - Replace Google Supplier with Java Supplier


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