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  • [NEXUS-22749] - after ui sign out /service/extdirect/poll/rapture_State_get does not use the Anonymous user status interval
  • [NEXUS-23358] - Cocoapods proxy can be used to retrieve arbitrary files
  • [NEXUS-24298] - Yum proxy needs to be more lenient about gzip encoding
  • [NEXUS-24464] - NuGet Signature validation goes out to
  • [NEXUS-24691] - OCI annotations result in errors
  • [NEXUS-24802] - Spurious warnings logged when running reconcile task against group blob store
  • [NEXUS-24837] - Metadata query cache age and┬áMaximum metadata age timeouts are ignored for metadata requests
  • [NEXUS-24869] - Moving away from the Logging page asks "Unsaved changes"
  • [NEXUS-24901] - some rpms in a yum hosted repo are not added to a rebuilt hosted repo primary.xml metadata file due to OrientAsyncHelper$QueueFeedingResultListener Timed out adding query result to queue
  • [NEXUS-24917] - npm audit should do case insensitive compare
  • [NEXUS-24925] - Unneeded JSESSIONID cookies returned
  • [NEXUS-24988] - Snapshot remover deletes GAV level maven-metadata.xml files, resulting in 404 responses
  • [NEXUS-25019] - CVE-2020-24622: S3 secret key can be exposed by admin user
  • [NEXUS-25159] - Missing rpm in yum index



  • [NEXUS-25085] - CVE-2020-13933 Shiro Vulnerability for NXRM3


  • [NEXUS-10471] - Allow deployment to Docker group repositories
  • [NEXUS-21118] - remove reference to deprecated Jetty socket linger time soLingerTime
  • [NEXUS-25098] - REST API for Conda repositories

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