Release Notes - Dev - Nexus Repo - Version 3.26.0 - HTML format


  • [NEXUS-23065] - `Docker - Delete incomplete uploads` task will stop if it errors reading a single asset
  • [NEXUS-23417] - During upgrade of PyPI proxy in 3.22, browse nodes are rebuilt too quickly.
  • [NEXUS-24226] - Prometheus metrics endpoint may be using more CPU than expected.
  • [NEXUS-24317] - NuGet v3 proxy: index.json still available after remote changing
  • [NEXUS-24592] - CVE-2020-15868 - Access controls bypass
  • [NEXUS-24601] - Search API sorting doesn't work
  • [NEXUS-24619] - Export filenames that are supported in windows (and import those files properly as well)
  • [NEXUS-24671] - Audit log is not recording events even if feature is enabled


  • [NEXUS-11468] - Add repository import/export capabilities
  • [NEXUS-24019] - Use newer AWS SDK to support IRSA
  • [NEXUS-24327] - Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.30.v20200611
  • [NEXUS-24416] - make yum repodata metadata for a single level available as soon as possible during metadata rebuild of multiple levels
  • [NEXUS-24858] - Allow `Repair - Reconcile component database from blob store` task for NuGet


  • [NEXUS-23928] - Update /beta/repositories and /beta/repositories/*/* endpoints to /v1
  • [NEXUS-23930] - Implement v1 endpoints for Security API
  • [NEXUS-24788] - Add Docker, Yum, PyPI and Rubygems support to Import

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