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  • [NEXUS-20640] - docker push may fail with blob upload unknown due to race condition
  • [NEXUS-20829] - Correct the upgrade screen to state that multiple upgrades from Nexus 2.x to 3.y is not supported.
  • [NEXUS-23550] - p2 proxy repository does not work with IQ update site
  • [NEXUS-23759] - context missing from MavenRestoreBlobStrategy - Skipping as no maven coordinates found and is not maven metadata
  • [NEXUS-23830] - docker anonymous pull fails with 401 when user tokens are enabled
  • [NEXUS-23887] - LDAP connection UI looks broken, constantly prompts for password
  • [NEXUS-23895] - Save of LDAP user and group settings fails with error.
  • [NEXUS-24098] - Snapshot GAV metadata rebuilt incorrectly if packaging has multiple segments
  • [NEXUS-24124] - OCI - Docker repos should respect accept headers
  • [NEXUS-24132] - Import Attributes fail if an asset has a null componentId
  • [NEXUS-24194] - NuGet V3 Hosted - Search prerelease flag does not work
  • [NEXUS-24222] - Reduce likelihood of OOM when accessing NuGet feed
  • [NEXUS-24248] - NuGet v3 proxy fails to work with HA-C
  • [NEXUS-24267] - download of podspec.json file through proxy repo which does not exist at the remote causes NullPointerException and 500 status code
  • [NEXUS-24283] - Repository export errantly tries to validate delta files for every asset, even in other repositories
  • [NEXUS-24334] - NPM Audit logs error on retrieving package
  • [NEXUS-24355] - Nuget V3 - Impossible to use hosted/group/proxy as remote for proxy repo because outbound index.json requests have slash appended
  • [NEXUS-24457] - npm package metadata dist-tags section can be empty when merged from a group repository member group repository



  • [NEXUS-23597] - Nuget V3 Group - Search API
  • [NEXUS-23923] - Implement for Email API
  • [NEXUS-24288] - OSS Index Link Integration (NXRM OSS Only)
  • [NEXUS-24561] - Add NuGet and npm support to Import
  • [NEXUS-30905] - Add setting to determine if raw repository content is displayed as web page or downloaded

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