Release Notes - Dev - Nexus Repo - Version 3.24.0 - HTML format


  • [NEXUS-17288] - Image broken on logger edit
  • [NEXUS-19529] - viewing the UI repositories list will trigger s3 blobstore metrics retrieval even if that blobstore is not used
  • [NEXUS-23071] - /beta/repositories/{format}/group/{repositoryName} example model is wrong
  • [NEXUS-23082] - Update embedded Java version to latest Java 8
  • [NEXUS-23418] - rest api proxy repository httpClient authentication does not take effect
  • [NEXUS-23551] - Yum Authenticating against RHEL servers in AWS
  • [NEXUS-23712] - items added or removed from yum metadata files when metadata is rebuilt may not be logged
  • [NEXUS-23761] - beta/repositories/{format}/hosted/{repositoryName} has invalid parameters in example
  • [NEXUS-23800] - Race condition in lazy maven metadata rebuild causes build failures, slow builds
  • [NEXUS-23872] - Unable to set repository HTTP client auth via REST
  • [NEXUS-23903] - long running database queries for docker repositories can lead to thread and db connection pool exhaustion
  • [NEXUS-23980] - 'USER_ROLE_MAPPING' was not found in database 'component' exceptions seen with docker


  • [NEXUS-23588] - Repository Management API missing yum proxy
  • [NEXUS-23650] - Allow REST API to Enable/Disable Anonymous Access
  • [NEXUS-23798] - REST API to enable User Tokens
  • [NEXUS-23870] - "Node already has an asset" for browse tree rebuild should not fail Transactions status check
  • [NEXUS-23897] - Memory settings in docker image are too low
  • [NEXUS-23970] - NuGet v3 Hosted
  • [NEXUS-24091] - REST API for Cocoapods repositories
  • [NEXUS-24092] - REST API for Raw repositories
  • [NEXUS-24093] - REST API for RubyGems repositories


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