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  • [NEXUS-23281] - Requesting a SNAPSHOT artifact from a RELEASE Repo returns HTTP 400
  • [NEXUS-23348] - SAML - New UI Login SSO Button does not respect the nexus-context-path
  • [NEXUS-23352] - Conan integration in 3.22.0 does not handle Header Only packages
  • [NEXUS-23359] - SAML - NPE thrown if IdP metadata does not contain SingleLogoutService element
  • [NEXUS-23399] - NuGet v3 proxy repository will not serve cached content if remote is blocked
  • [NEXUS-23441] - Already cached NuGet v2 proxy repository content will return 502 if Component Max Age expires and the remote is not available
  • [NEXUS-23504] - Privileged user can create, modify and execute scripting tasks
  • [NEXUS-23556] - CVE-2020-11415: LDAP system credentials can be exposed by admin user


  • [NEXUS-23396] - Admin - Cleanup repositories using their associated policies task should lazily mark maven metadata for rebuild

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