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  • [NEXUS-16159] - "Require user tokens for repository authentication" now enforced properly
  • [NEXUS-19437] - a blobstore in any other state than STARTED cannot be removed
  • [NEXUS-21011] - Compact blob store task cannot hard delete blob assets when the blobstore is out of space
  • [NEXUS-21808] - DockerTokenDecoder.dumpToken(String) method may fail to parse docker bearer tokens causing IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [NEXUS-22054] - "Repair - reconcile component database from blob store" task does not remove invalid component db references.
  • [NEXUS-22245] - Cannot Delete NPM Scoped Folder via UI
  • [NEXUS-22602] - Repair - Rebuild Maven repository metadata (maven-metadata.xml) task with GA restrictions does not work
  • [NEXUS-22666] - concurrent uploads to the same maven GA may result in 500 response due to OConcurrentModificationException
  • [NEXUS-22669] - First staging move to npm hosted repo fails with 500 error.
  • [NEXUS-22729] - Cleanup Policy task results in removal of maven-metadata from non-timestamped snapshots
  • [NEXUS-22760] - POST /service/extdirect/poll/rapture_State_get lists all tasks from the database
  • [NEXUS-22770] - Change in stored PyPI proxy package paths creates duplicate assets and breaks browse node creation
  • [NEXUS-22802] - AnonymousSettings.jsx does not respect nexus-context-path
  • [NEXUS-22829] - Data store not found: config when deleting a repository
  • [NEXUS-22853] - Too many tasks scheduled if an upgrade requires rebuilding the browse_node table
  • [NEXUS-22896] - performance regression in search REST API
  • [NEXUS-23048] - Problem proxying NuGet packages hosted by GitHub Packages
  • [NEXUS-23072] - Anonymous Access icon missing
  • [NEXUS-23104] - Offline repositories allow UI upload
  • [NEXUS-23236] - is a concurrency bottleneck
  • [NEXUS-23272] - Inability to add * permission to user on 3.21.2
  • [NEXUS-23334] - Tasks set to manual automatically run on upgrade
  • [NEXUS-23377] - CVE-2020-11444: Improper Access Control
  • [NEXUS-23392] - potentially long running transaction rebuilding metadata under concurrent access triggered by GET of GA level maven-metadata.xml
  • [NEXUS-23393] - a GA level maven-metadata.xml GET request may trigger rebuilding unrelated GA maven-metadata.xml


  • [NEXUS-5716] - add a way to configure default privileges for any signed-in users
  • [NEXUS-14310] - Conan format support
  • [NEXUS-18546] - Add Support for Multi-Architecture Docker Images (Manifest List)
  • [NEXUS-19736] - add audit event for invalid credentials for repository requests
  • [NEXUS-20939] - SAML integration
  • [NEXUS-22699] - Provide instructions for proxying RHEL redhat yum repositories.
  • [NEXUS-22820] - Process search index updates in the background in a non-blocking fashion


  • [NEXUS-14607] - Provide a way to monitor login attempts
  • [NEXUS-22714] - Update h.s.c docs to make it clear which formats do/don't have HA-C support

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