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  • [NEXUS-10781] - License auth expires too fast
  • [NEXUS-13306] - usernames containing non URL safe characters cannot authenticate using the Crowd realm
  • [NEXUS-16009] - Browse tree for Nuget proxy repositories shows packages that are not locally cached.
  • [NEXUS-17477] - Unable to install hosted gem which has multiple version requirements
  • [NEXUS-18905] - Cleanup tasks fail with "No search context found for id" error
  • [NEXUS-19900] - Cleanup service task failing with NPE
  • [NEXUS-20035] - support zip generation may fail or create empty support zips if there is an error exporting a database
  • [NEXUS-20872] - Incomplete support zip generated when NXRM cannot read a file
  • [NEXUS-21049] - when change-password REST API resets default admin user password, the onboarding admin.password file is not deleted
  • [NEXUS-21329] - Admin - Remove a member from a blob store group ( task processes missing files in the source blobstore
  • [NEXUS-21682] - Update Joda-Time to 2.10.4 in order to update tzdata to IANA 2019c
  • [NEXUS-21730] - Audit log does not log all attributes for repository change events.
  • [NEXUS-21836] - NPM proxy repo does not honor remote url configuration change
  • [NEXUS-22031] - Yum Metadata Not Fully Rebuilt After Running Cleanup Tags task
  • [NEXUS-22051] - PyPI group merge is not case insensitive
  • [NEXUS-22052] - Yum Metadata not rebuilt after staging deletion of rpm
  • [NEXUS-22152] - Yum repomd.xml file may be written with zero bytes due to unclosed streams or IBM JVM
  • [NEXUS-22268] - NullPointer appears if run cleanup for hosted created via REST
  • [NEXUS-22303] - Duplicate tasks created on startup
  • [NEXUS-22351] - R PACKAGES file lost on upgrade to 3.20.x
  • [NEXUS-22498] - Foreign layer caching causes NPE for Docker manifests of schemaVersion 1
  • [NEXUS-22837] - Cleanup task stops processing all repositories if an error is thrown processing a single repository



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