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  • [NEXUS-12488] - remote https repository with TLS client certificate loaded in NXRM JVM keystore not trusted
  • [NEXUS-18117] - PyPI ignoring python_requires metadata
  • [NEXUS-20140] - 500 Server Error shown in Chrome console when accessing Support Status page
  • [NEXUS-20308] - Long blobstore name causes "File name too long" error on creation
  • [NEXUS-20705] - pypi proxy remote simple indexes with absolute URLs are not rewritten correctly causing the pip client to bypass nxrm
  • [NEXUS-21138] - Snapshot remover leaves maven-metadata.xml files deleted for a long time, breaking builds.
  • [NEXUS-21197] - Admin - Remove a member from a blob store group ( task processes source blobstore temporary files
  • [NEXUS-21198] - Admin - Remove a member from a blob store group spawns threads which are not named contextually
  • [NEXUS-21306] - Cannot proxy Docker repos on Bintray
  • [NEXUS-21315] - Extremely slow processing in "Docker - Delete unused manifests and images" task
  • [NEXUS-21368] - [Cocoapods-proxy] The proxy repo removes get-params from http sources
  • [NEXUS-21371] - npm package metadata conditional gets from NXRM to another NXRM always receive a response of 200 instead of 304 when content has not changed
  • [NEXUS-21589] - Repository health check can fail if the same asset exists in more than one repository.
  • [NEXUS-21672] - group repo with proxy repo member to remote group repo responds 404 when remote group repo responds 403 Requested item is quarantined
  • [NEXUS-21762] - Connection pool leak when processing 403 (Requested item is quarantined) responses
  • [NEXUS-21827] - Deploy Policy named errantly/confusingly
  • [NEXUS-22144] - Slow performance displaying content selectors in UI


  • [NEXUS-9837] - R CRAN format support
  • [NEXUS-13433] - Support npm whoami
  • [NEXUS-15091] - REST API for repositories
  • [NEXUS-19424] - Add ability to cleanup by "Never downloaded"
  • [NEXUS-19811] - Offline/Misconfigured blob store should be flagged in UI
  • [NEXUS-20268] - enable HSTS for inbound HTTPS connectors by default
  • [NEXUS-20269] - remove jetty-http-redirect-to-https.xml file from distribution
  • [NEXUS-21560] - add X-Frame-Options header to some UI URLs to help avoid scanning software false positives for clickjacking
  • [NEXUS-22089] - Collecting new metrics for NXRM Professional


  • [NEXUS-12456] - add support for "npm login" bearer token authentication to proxied upstream NPM private repositories
  • [NEXUS-14233] - Support managing Realms via the REST API
  • [NEXUS-21311] - Yum proxy repos do not work with CentOS 8

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