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  • [NEXUS-10252] - "Invalid authentication ticket" error on password change
  • [NEXUS-14729] - Regression: Nexus 3 returns 501, 400 and 204 responses for MKCOL requests
  • [NEXUS-15878] - UI poll requests iterates over all privileges.
  • [NEXUS-19618] - Expensive, error prone check done for content validation of checksums
  • [NEXUS-20014] - browse operations can be slower than expected with many content selectors
  • [NEXUS-20104] - OrientDB database backups default compression level and buffer size are not optimized
  • [NEXUS-20139] - Repair - Rebuild repository search queries are not optimized, potentially impacting other search operations
  • [NEXUS-20360] - request.log is no longer included in support zips
  • [NEXUS-20453] - Browse operations can be very slow when using content selector permissions
  • [NEXUS-20479] - Stored XSS Vulnerabilities


  • [NEXUS-19954] - Increase the default maximum heap and direct memory sizes
  • [NEXUS-20100] - allow customizing compression level and buffer size of Orient database checkpoint during upgrade using system properties

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