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  • [NEXUS-9005] - NuGet group repository does not respect latest version filters
  • [NEXUS-11869] - Repository Administration shows errors with limited privileges
  • [NEXUS-13465] - Accesslog database cleanup fails with BufferUnderflowException
  • [NEXUS-14612] - unclosed transactions in groovy scripts can lead to instability
  • [NEXUS-14865] - Deleting a content selector leaves a privilege in inconsistent state
  • [NEXUS-17280] - REST asset resource times out on large repositories
  • [NEXUS-17441] - IllegalStateException: "Clustering is not enabled" when refreshing nodes view in PRO when not clustered
  • [NEXUS-18217] - Purge unused components task can trigger java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to com.orientechnologies.orient.core.record.impl.ODocument
  • [NEXUS-18227] - RPMs with non-zero epoch are incorrectly recorded in primary.xml in hosted repositories
  • [NEXUS-18337] - Support zip generation fails if nexus.log file is not called "nexus.log"
  • [NEXUS-18675] - log blob deleted reason for s3 based deleted blobs
  • [NEXUS-18751] - need cleanup policy permissions to view UI repository list
  • [NEXUS-19091] - S3 Blobstore expiration is at Bucket level - ignores path prefix
  • [NEXUS-19119] - Corruption to the UI in Safari when creating Repository
  • [NEXUS-19187] - Blob store promotion leads to persistent class cast exception in UI
  • [NEXUS-19224] - Reduce log spam for missing listeners
  • [NEXUS-19231] - Deleting folder in a yum hosted repo only partially deletes the subfolders
  • [NEXUS-19303] - PyPi hosted repository doesn't update index file after uploading new version of existing component
  • [NEXUS-19409] - Newest version of python package is not available
  • [NEXUS-19417] - #browse/search/docker requires escaping forward slash
  • [NEXUS-19486] - User with read access to repository admin gets UI warning when visiting repository list
  • [NEXUS-19520] - Remove a member from a blob store group task does not move all blobs
  • [NEXUS-19607] - NullPointerException in NugetLocalGalleryFacetSupport.maintainAggregateInfo
  • [NEXUS-19702] - Regression: Yum metadata leaks between trees in a hosted yum repository.
  • [NEXUS-19730] - NXRM 3 can send null values for IsLatestVersion and IsLatestAbsoluteVersion
  • [NEXUS-19801] - Exception thrown in metadata rebuild stops snapshot removal task completely.
  • [NEXUS-19851] - 'Task already running' warnings for 'Log database table record counts'
  • [NEXUS-19890] - Unable to upload file to Raw repo using Powershell
  • [NEXUS-19905] - npm group repository fails to display metadata for package
  • [NEXUS-19926] - Audit errors when running Nexus 2 to 3 migration with auditing.
  • [NEXUS-19941] - npm proxy outbound requests can send an invalid If-None-Match header value causing cached metadata assets to be replaced
  • [NEXUS-20000] - Webhook component ID is unusable in REST API
  • [NEXUS-20040] - npm package metadata requests that return 200 status code and error body should be logged
  • [NEXUS-20175] - Removing a docker component using its sha256 hash can cause performance degradation
  • [NEXUS-20197] - Requests to npm to proxy repositories backed by s3 blob stores in HA clusters sometimes start failing with 500 responses
  • [NEXUS-20246] - clarify which databases are exported per NXRM version by task "Admin - Export databases for backup"
  • [NEXUS-20281] - " Write end dead" occurs when group members do not use the same blobstore
  • [NEXUS-20282] - NPE when parsing the metadata of the "build" npm package because readme is null
  • [NEXUS-20428] - /rest/internal/ui/routing-rules assignedRepositoryCount is always 0 and assignedRepositoryNames is always null


  • [NEXUS-3199] - Debian repository format support
  • [NEXUS-11991] - Security API incomplete - User deletion required
  • [NEXUS-13785] - GoLang Packages format support
  • [NEXUS-15053] - Prevent information leakage
  • [NEXUS-17281] - Manual routing functionality
  • [NEXUS-18344] - REST API list repositories to provide the remote url.
  • [NEXUS-19415] - include server thread id in request.log
  • [NEXUS-19839] - add system status check for minimum available CPU
  • [NEXUS-19860] - Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.18.v20190429
  • [NEXUS-20283] - Add a deletedTime attribute to deleted assets properties.
  • [NEXUS-21643] - Official support for Go version 1.13


  • [NEXUS-19141] - Add REST API Endpoints for User CRUD Operations
  • [NEXUS-19170] - Add REST API to Reset User Token
  • [NEXUS-19171] - Add REST API to Change User Password
  • [NEXUS-19462] - On first admin login ask user to choose anonymous access configuration

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