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  • [NEXUS-9508] - Nexus auto-blocks repositories too aggressively
  • [NEXUS-12222] - NXRM2 repository view privileges are not migrated to NXRM3 browse privileges during upgrade
  • [NEXUS-12253] - Order by version incorrect
  • [NEXUS-13057] - "Uncaught TypeError" UI errors
  • [NEXUS-13639] - User tokens not migrated if LDAP user ID case does not match login case
  • [NEXUS-16852] - HA-C with Nexus Firewall evaluations may fail due to OConcurrentModificationException Cannot UPDATE the record because the version is not the latest
  • [NEXUS-16923] - Delete button says asset when it is component (or multiple assets+metadata)
  • [NEXUS-17495] - remove asset download count feature entirely
  • [NEXUS-17502] - Content validation message does not log which repository the invalid content is coming from
  • [NEXUS-17616] - On browse w/ LDAP, if no perms, a bunch of warns are fired
  • [NEXUS-17850] - API does not validate contents of content selectors. Invalid content selectors can lead to failed upgrade.
  • [NEXUS-17884] - upload of source rpm fails in yum hosted
  • [NEXUS-17896] - concurrent requests for large npm metadata can lead to OutOfMemory during serialization
  • [NEXUS-17908] - Tag association may intermittently fail for new artifact
  • [NEXUS-17920] - Deleting an rpm via DELETE to /repository does not update metadata
  • [NEXUS-18277] - UI upload creates temporary files in
  • [NEXUS-18638] - GET requests against Docker group repository returning duplicate headers
  • [NEXUS-18709] - Nexus 3 upgrade agent http client has HTTP socket timeouts tied to Nexus 2 global HTTP connection timeouts
  • [NEXUS-18716] - Role and Privileges cache not always refreshed in HA-C
  • [NEXUS-18731] - specifics about what is deleted by cleanup policies is not logged
  • [NEXUS-18774] - allow scoped NPM package name parts that start with '.' or '_'
  • [NEXUS-18816] - Slow delete performance when using REST API
  • [NEXUS-18932] - - Unable to decompress PyPI archive Mark is not supported
  • [NEXUS-18949] - /service/rest/v1/status returns 200 status code when node is read-only
  • [NEXUS-18950] - "Download trend' disabled text misleading
  • [NEXUS-18952] - High CPU usage observed caused by a bug in older Jetty version
  • [NEXUS-18983] - If NXRM is read-only or lacks quorum, then run now triggers make startup fail.
  • [NEXUS-19000] - Log message for blob store metrics doesn't expand file name
  • [NEXUS-19013] - global role list filter gets applied to available roles while editing a role
  • [NEXUS-19034] - NPE on "Purge unused snapshots" task
  • [NEXUS-19040] - HA NPM Group repository throws MissingBlobException
  • [NEXUS-19049] - Request for artifacts sometimes returns invalid Last-Modified header
  • [NEXUS-19051] - Edge and Internet Explorer errors in the user interface
  • [NEXUS-19084] - Many threads blocked in Elasticsearch while updating LastDownloaded attribute
  • [NEXUS-19085] - staging promotion move of more than 500 components may fail with IllegalStateException Unable to find component by id
  • [NEXUS-19086] - Expensive search of tasks is done every time a check for a running tree rebuild operation is done
  • [NEXUS-19092] - NPE When Installing Gem with no Date Attribute
  • [NEXUS-19097] - Log spam when remote docker repository returns 400 or 401 and no credentials are configured or remote requires bearer token
  • [NEXUS-19103] - Components and assets deleted by cleanup policies should be logged only to "Cleanup service" task log
  • [NEXUS-19118] - Clicking on the links in a repository for component/asset browse gives a 404
  • [NEXUS-19121] - Delete of component or asset from PyPi proxy repository fails
  • [NEXUS-19125] - Docker pull from results in 403 due to normalization of 307 redirect URLs removing double slash
  • [NEXUS-19229] - LastDownloadedHandler conflicts in HA can cause long-running retries/rollbacks
  • [NEXUS-19230] - Correct LastDownloadedHandler's @Transactional settings
  • [NEXUS-19384] - NPM Group fails to forward requests for updating to members
  • [NEXUS-19526] - RpmRedeployedEvent triggers WARN requested ‘null’ affinity log message
  • [NEXUS-19527] - a docker connector port already in use prevents startup of repository manager
  • [NEXUS-19642] - Snapshot removal task runs very slowly when there are large numbers of group repos
  • [NEXUS-19666] - Slow UI Search for Maven Format when searches are performed against nested group repos members


  • [NEXUS-18737] - Low heap memory error in yum metadata rebuild


  • [NEXUS-16853] - Enhance content validation for maven-metadata.xml files
  • [NEXUS-18181] - Provide a health-check that warns when transactions fail due to excessive retries
  • [NEXUS-18182] - Provide UI controls to manually trigger a full sync across the cluster
  • [NEXUS-18183] - Provide UI controls to bounce the NXRM lifecycle
  • [NEXUS-18813] - Replace audit database with simple log based implementation
  • [NEXUS-18985] - Add Rest API component upload for Yum
  • [NEXUS-19313] - Add System Status check for current phase

Technical Debt

  • [NEXUS-18992] - Upgrade to io.dropwizard.metrics 4.0.5


  • [NEXUS-13355] - Regenerate CMA from Blobs - Docker
  • [NEXUS-14407] - REST Search & Download by 'Latest'
  • [NEXUS-16057] - Add UI upload for Yum
  • [NEXUS-18185] - Database out of sync in HA cluster - mitigation and recovery
  • [NEXUS-18509] - Make JEXL and CSEL behave the same for expressions without a leading slash
  • [NEXUS-18711] - Collect all three support zips from a single node
  • [NEXUS-18758] - System Status check failures are prominent in the UI
  • [NEXUS-19619] - Update packaged JRE in installers to openJDK

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