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  • [NEXUS-7996] - Users: Changing dropdown does not show list until refresh
  • [NEXUS-12474] - Last downloaded date is updated on upload
  • [NEXUS-12684] - HEAD request to /v2/<name>/manifests/<reference> results in 404 error
  • [NEXUS-12828] - submitting more than 20 tasks at once causes ERROR QuartzSchedulerThread - ThreadPool.runInThread() return false! for some tasks
  • [NEXUS-14465] - PyPI hosted repository does not send etag header
  • [NEXUS-14521] - Pypi proxying is broken between 2 NXRM instances
  • [NEXUS-14653] - UI session time out not respected
  • [NEXUS-14860] - Rebuild maven repository metadata task bloats blobstore
  • [NEXUS-15085] - Browse component/asset is unusably slow when there are large numbers of content selector privileges
  • [NEXUS-15095] - MissingBlobException can occur when publishing maven index
  • [NEXUS-15148] - docker anonymous pull configuration confusing
  • [NEXUS-15179] - Deleting (last) pom leaves folder shell
  • [NEXUS-15205] - Loading metadata does not increase download count
  • [NEXUS-15215] - Refreshing tree view errors in UI sometimes
  • [NEXUS-15423] - tree view with anonymous disabled allowed but errors
  • [NEXUS-16317] - NuGet group repository package requests may respond with URLs to member repositories
  • [NEXUS-16384] - Maven SNAPSHOT timestamp versioned files are not direct children to the base snapshot version in tree or html view
  • [NEXUS-16401] - PyPi hosted repository packages can only be searched by pep-0503 normalized name
  • [NEXUS-16703] - Content selectors based on negative regular expressions do not handle leading slashes in a consistent manner
  • [NEXUS-16717] - uploading npm component where package.json bugs key is string fails
  • [NEXUS-16882] - Browse repository list may not reflect user viewable repositories after sign in or sign out
  • [NEXUS-16964] - upgrade from 2.14.8 to 3.10.0 may prevent download of rubygems hosted repository gems
  • [NEXUS-17449] - LdapUserManager - User: null not found trying to load outreach content after ldap timeout exceeded
  • [NEXUS-17501] - Caching of NuGet metadata causes thread serialization, query slowdowns under load
  • [NEXUS-17790] - Repair - Reconcile component database from blob store failure
  • [NEXUS-17808] - NpmProxyFacetImpl.mergeNewRootWithExistingRoot should handle when an existing root disappears
  • [NEXUS-17852] - Problem connecting to LDAP server root cause is not logged at default log levels
  • [NEXUS-17877] - Errors logged from firewall migration for new/updated maven-metadata.xml files
  • [NEXUS-17919] - Swagger generated curl command for POST /v1/components can be incorrect
  • [NEXUS-18078] - Dynamic Storage - Blob store incorrectly displays Enable Soft Quota as checked
  • [NEXUS-18100] - LDAP UI does not reflect configuration
  • [NEXUS-18119] - New role not available for use until role page revisited
  • [NEXUS-18132] - specially crafted ldap queries can blacklist LDAP servers on
  • [NEXUS-18187] - Pypi proxy of does not work
  • [NEXUS-18196] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when uploading large POM
  • [NEXUS-18220] - Nexus 3 migration not using UI request timeout setting
  • [NEXUS-18234] - provide a health endpoint for an individual node in an HA-C cluster
  • [NEXUS-18245] - AnonymousFilter uses EvictingQueue in non thread-safe manner possibly leading to HTTP 500 error responses
  • [NEXUS-18252] - repository manager will not start on blobstore problems or errors
  • [NEXUS-18261] - Hosted yum metadata not rebuilding due to parsing issues in the path being queried
  • [NEXUS-18263] - docker proxy repositories configured with a remote URL including extra path info will not proxy correctly
  • [NEXUS-18276] - UI upload leaves files in temporary directory after upload is complete
  • [NEXUS-18299] - JsonSyntaxException attempting to create Webhook capability
  • [NEXUS-18304] - Docker content validation against certain Etag header value formats may fail
  • [NEXUS-18320] - Blob restore always runs npm metadata repair even if no npm components are restored
  • [NEXUS-18345] - Running a "/search/assets" REST API call with just a "repository" query parameter does not give full results
  • [NEXUS-18353] - can't proxy older docker images
  • [NEXUS-18493] - Support zip generation fails without a blobstore
  • [NEXUS-18494] - UI upload fails if it takes more than 60 seconds
  • [NEXUS-18520] - repository.rebuild-index task TagsComponentEntityAdapterExtension.readFields NullPointerException
  • [NEXUS-18564] - Delete orphaned API keys task run before any other HTTP activity can stop some LDAP operations
  • [NEXUS-18603] - swagger ui references
  • [NEXUS-18631] - allow multipart copy for AWS S3 blob storage
  • [NEXUS-18648] - npm requests to proxy repositories using S3BlobStorage may start permanently failing with 500
  • [NEXUS-18683] - Unable to create a webhook capability
  • [NEXUS-18684] - Cannot see Role as "Contained" after using it in LDAP Role mapping
  • [NEXUS-18712] - jetty-http-redirect-to-https.xml overrides the default Jetty security filter allowing TRACE requests
  • [NEXUS-18855] - /tags/associate does not return JSON if repository cannot be found


  • [NEXUS-6300] - Support for OpenJDK as runtime
  • [NEXUS-12005] - Maven dependency section missing from UI
  • [NEXUS-12808] - provide a non-invasive way for third-party karaf bundles to be installed and started automatically
  • [NEXUS-13626] - Privilege name does not fit in list of Privileges box
  • [NEXUS-15216] - Warn users when a tree rebuild is in progress
  • [NEXUS-17903] - PyCharm does not work with PyPI repository
  • [NEXUS-18271] - Use HTTPS for outreach Base URL
  • [NEXUS-18507] - Avoid using S3 multipart uploads for small files

Technical Debt


  • [NEXUS-12100] - Delete button on component and asset is active even without permission to do so
  • [NEXUS-14315] - S3 Blobstore - provide a blobstore 'prefix' option
  • [NEXUS-14682] - support deleting all assets under entire selected tree nodes
  • [NEXUS-17803] - Allow search by g:a:v string
  • [NEXUS-18254] - Allow blobstore configuration updates when changes are necessary
  • [NEXUS-18617] - disable asset download count feature in all new/upgraded installations

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