Release Notes - Dev - Nexus Repo - Version 3.13.0 - HTML format


  • [NEXUS-9605] - Task last run and last result not persisted correctly
  • [NEXUS-12002] - Maven publish indexes task fails to run if repository's layout policy is "strict"
  • [NEXUS-13121] - tasks may appear as Starting or Cancelling indefinitely and cannot be stopped cancelled or deleted
  • [NEXUS-13586] - non-standard date format in NuGet ODATA feed causes IllegalArgumentException Invalid format
  • [NEXUS-14387] - Repository creation fails often with Javascript errors in Edge Browser
  • [NEXUS-15177] - Security -> Realms UI shows incorrect saved realm order for Active realms
  • [NEXUS-15702] - possible deadlock when OrientDB transaction rollback fails in OAtomicOperationsManager.endAtomicOperation() if asset download counts are enabled
  • [NEXUS-15714] - Continue to serve locally cached proxied npm packages that are unpublished on the remote
  • [NEXUS-16082] - Nexus Pro reverts to Nexus OSS if license is removed
  • [NEXUS-16156] - Repository browse UI is very slow for non-admin users if there are large numbers of content selector privileges
  • [NEXUS-16303] - PublishMavenIndexTask fails to republish maven Index if hosted Maven repository has write policy of ALLOW_ONCE
  • [NEXUS-16430] - Connection reset when uploading large file using Apache Ivy
  • [NEXUS-16461] - New ruby gems dependency files are cached in blob storage every time Nexus requests them from a proxy repository remote
  • [NEXUS-16476] - API key changes when the regular account password changes
  • [NEXUS-16545] - NXRM 3 Yum Metadata Generation takes forever
  • [NEXUS-16565] - IllegalStateException Insufficient configured threads from a docker repository connector configuration
  • [NEXUS-16577] - Hazelcast XSD warning logged at startup.
  • [NEXUS-16696] - EXTJS-15866 Memory Usage chart doesn't show tooltip
  • [NEXUS-16903] - include HTTP request Content-Length header value in request.log
  • [NEXUS-16930] - no reason logged at default levels why QuartzTaskFuture healthcheck task is canceled
  • [NEXUS-16968] - HTML view does not render URL safe links, causing some to return 404
  • [NEXUS-16985] - Nexus 2 to 3 migration fails if there are staging build promotion repositories.
  • [NEXUS-16994] - Task scheduling can give UI errors
  • [NEXUS-17001] - NullPointerException when accessing the HTML view of a repository as anonymous user (when anonymous access is disabled)
  • [NEXUS-17008] - Task Does Not Run (Again) if it Overruns into Next Run Time
  • [NEXUS-17101] - PartialFetchHandler produces invalid HTTP responses
  • [NEXUS-17156] - Staging REST endpoint returns 401 when a user is authenticated but lacks needed privileges
  • [NEXUS-17218] - Soft deleted blob in health check prevents viewing of component information
  • [NEXUS-17231] - user role mappings do not match user ids case insensitively
  • [NEXUS-17252] - Setting just "com.orientechnologies" logger to TRACE doesn't work
  • [NEXUS-17257] - Spurious warnings logged when pushing docker images
  • [NEXUS-17262] - Removing repository does not remove tasks specific to the removed repository
  • [NEXUS-17272] - Docker uploads threads blocked
  • [NEXUS-17285] - Yum component properties update does not reflect in UI summary pane
  • [NEXUS-17296] - legacy URLs do not work with nexus.view.exhaustForAgents property
  • [NEXUS-17416] - UI locks up after removing port from very long URL in a docker proxy's configuration
  • [NEXUS-17439] - IE object doesn't support property or method startsWith
  • [NEXUS-17440] - "Unable to detect which node you are currently connected to" warning may appear even when not clustered
  • [NEXUS-17455] - Last-Modified not returned in header for migrated RAW artifacts.
  • [NEXUS-17487] - Anonymous user appears logged out on page refresh
  • [NEXUS-17510] - clarify intent when no components found for REST API
  • [NEXUS-17547] - NFC Cache does not work for HEAD requests
  • [NEXUS-17723] - Maven 2 hosted and proxy repos allow a mixed version policy


  • [NEXUS-10087] - Valid Maven POM is misidentified as HTML by content verification
  • [NEXUS-16409] - Ability to DELETE from a yum hosted repository
  • [NEXUS-16935] - upgrade to a newer version of Quartz scheduler
  • [NEXUS-17483] - Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.11.v20180605


  • [NEXUS-10570] - document best practice for url encoding/decoding through reverse proxies
  • [NEXUS-17633] - REST API v1

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