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  • [NEXUS-10030] - Nuget 3.4 breaking semver change
  • [NEXUS-14439] - /service/siesta/rest/beta/search IllegalStateException current database instance is not active on the current thread while under stress
  • [NEXUS-14839] - Hosted nuget repository ignore the framework version, always returns the .NET Core Version
  • [NEXUS-15365] - Docker tree view rendering is confusing
  • [NEXUS-15722] - Docker push can fail in HA Environment
  • [NEXUS-15745] - Yum proxy is not able to remove absolute URLs for metadata files that aren't at the root of a repository.
  • [NEXUS-16077] - pip search on group requires read privilege on member repositories
  • [NEXUS-16248] - Nexus 3 allows creation of roles that contain circular references
  • [NEXUS-16310] - HA - errors when pushing nuget packages
  • [NEXUS-16394] - Javascript errors after upgrading from Nexus OSS to Pro
  • [NEXUS-16425] - Download Endpoint Returns Checksum Files if Maven Classifier Param is Set
  • [NEXUS-16454] - Raw repository upload fails in IE11
  • [NEXUS-16470] - Tree-view: user-supplied filter is concatenated with query without escaping/sanitizing
  • [NEXUS-16503] - Nexus v3.9.0 Upload Artefacts on the root of a raw repository
  • [NEXUS-16869] - Error from component browse, "The current database instance (com.orientechnologies.orient.core.db.OPartitionedDatabasePool$DatabaseDocumentTxPooled@2a90f878) is not active on the current thread "


  • [NEXUS-15816] - Provide a means to disable paged result sets in LDAP searches
  • [NEXUS-16229] - disable online validator System API swagger-ui by default

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