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  • [NEXUS-10255] - npm package version-specific requests respond '404 not found' instead of version-specific JSON metadata
  • [NEXUS-15579] - nexus.assetdownloads.enabled=false does not stop all download count updates
  • [NEXUS-15746] -
  • [NEXUS-15795] - Yum Hosted Recipe should not add the negative cache handler


  • [NEXUS-10121] - Ability to upload components from the UI to a repository
  • [NEXUS-14885] - Remove support for the non-gzipped specs 4.8 from Rubygems
  • [NEXUS-15815] - Yum Proxy implement Condition GET
  • [NEXUS-16066] - Yum Hosted implement Condition GET for remaining endpoints

Technical Debt

  • [NEXUS-15461] - ensure scheduled tasks are cancelable (part 2)


  • [NEXUS-15136] - Repository List REST endpoint
  • [NEXUS-16155] - Move IQ Audit/Quarantine functionality to OSS bundle

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