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  • [NEXUS-12452] - bower install fails when user has only group level privileges
  • [NEXUS-12482] - Inconsistent behaviour with upload to snapshot repository
  • [NEXUS-14969] - HA-C nodes do not rejoin their cluster after cluster shutdown
  • [NEXUS-15088] - Incorrect error response code 406 for bad ID in DELETE /component
  • [NEXUS-15089] - Error response code 204 not listed in REST API codes for component and asset delete
  • [NEXUS-15131] - Component naming for Yum Proxy does not match RPM header
  • [NEXUS-15147] - Multiple edits of user roles fails with: ConcurrentModificationException: User-role mapping
  • [NEXUS-15202] - No way to download a jar through /rest/beta/search/assets/download if a jar with classifier for same GAV exists
  • [NEXUS-15282] - NPM allows redeploys despite Deploy Policy
  • [NEXUS-15364] - logging from different task threads may log to the same task log if tasks are started within the same second
  • [NEXUS-15425] - Asset not updated when a npm package is republished
  • [NEXUS-15466] - Welcome screen content is not displayed for administrators who are mapped in via LDAP group
  • [NEXUS-15467] - Blob store type field is editable... it shouldn't be
  • [NEXUS-15545] - Tree view does not work properly with content selectors
  • [NEXUS-15727] - Error when maintainers is shortened string
  • [NEXUS-25205] - If maven group or artifact name name contains "SNAPSHOT" then it is considered a maven snapshot



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