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  • [NEXUS-12017] - Upgrade fails with NPE if user has a group repository that contains only staging repositories
  • [NEXUS-12477] - Repository health check fails for angular/core npm package.
  • [NEXUS-12907] - Upgrade from 2.x to 3.x Hangs on Group Repos containing only Staging Repos
  • [NEXUS-13207] - NPM group search document is not invalidated when member search documents change
  • [NEXUS-13916] - Generation of maven-metadata.xml representing a group of plugins adds an extra "groupId" tag, which to be used for artifacts
  • [NEXUS-13949] - Remove snapshots from Maven repository remove if released option may progress slowly
  • [NEXUS-14385] - Possible regression, publishing npm package fails on 3.5.2, same package works on 3.1.0
  • [NEXUS-14419] - Access log output not sorted as expected
  • [NEXUS-14488] - Cannot perform docker pull against some Docker-Hub proxy
  • [NEXUS-14735] - swagger System API page shows Base URL /service/siesta and ERROR
  • [NEXUS-14843] - cursor prefetch limit set to high by default for some queries potentially leading to excessive memory usage
  • [NEXUS-14857] - Insufficient file handles on dockerized nexus3


  • [NEXUS-14512] - add anonymous search for docker repositories
  • [NEXUS-14636] - allow customizing maven metadata rebuild db query buffer size and timeout values to mitigate IllegalStateException Timed out reading result from queue
  • [NEXUS-14730] - expose REST API developer documentation inside the user interface


  • [NEXUS-10896] - record and expose the authenticated user who uploaded a component to a hosted repository
  • [NEXUS-11172] - Update license/eula shown in About dialog
  • [NEXUS-11962] - add legacy URL support for non-maven repositories
  • [NEXUS-12361] - Task to populate blobCreated dates and asset owner fields
  • [NEXUS-14058] - configurable repodata depth for yum proxy repos
  • [NEXUS-14484] - Add support for proxying yum repositories that have sha1 checksums
  • [NEXUS-14515] - Display the IP address of the user who uploaded a component to a hosted repository
  • [NEXUS-14603] - REST Asset Search JSON API

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