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  • [NEXUS-10565] - LDAP group membership query can fail due to query size limits
  • [NEXUS-11300] - Unable to connect to private repository on dockerhub
  • [NEXUS-12794] - Repository Health Check RHC only detects HTTP proxy server settings changes on server restart
  • [NEXUS-12962] - Exception while executing "Purge unused docker manifests and images" task
  • [NEXUS-13099] - outreach capability Base URL is editable
  • [NEXUS-13422] - HEAD WARN when pushing docker images
  • [NEXUS-13861] - Leading/trailing whitespace not trimmed from role ID's
  • [NEXUS-13897] - static css files are not using a cache buster which may cause unexpected UI rendering
  • [NEXUS-13915] - conditional GET to npm group repository returns status 404 instead of 304 or 200
  • [NEXUS-13921] - yum proxy xml re-encoded and truncated
  • [NEXUS-13929] - help link printed in log file for open file descriptor limit minimums does not match the link used in the UI
  • [NEXUS-13939] - default task log progress ---- Mark ---- messages are missing helpful context and therefore should be removed
  • [NEXUS-13947] - Expand Snapshot Remover task log messages with context
  • [NEXUS-13961] - Conditional GET to bower group repository returns status 404 instead of 304 or 200
  • [NEXUS-14038] - Group repositories created through the Provisioning API do not preserve member order
  • [NEXUS-14039] - NPE in RubygemsContentFacetImpl while handling asset download count
  • [NEXUS-14103] - log spam ERROR OModificationOperationProhibitedException from healthcheck.downloads.CacheRemovalListener.onRemoval event processing during DatabaseBackupTask execution
  • [NEXUS-14198] - outbound proxy repository requests for identical files which take more than 10 minutes duplicate work and disk space
  • [NEXUS-14211] - Certain OData requests can cause pathological regex behavior in Nuget implementation
  • [NEXUS-14227] - Thread count increases linearly with scheduled task execution
  • [NEXUS-14312] - Yum proxy of fails with encoding error
  • [NEXUS-14381] - Schedule task compact blob store failed with BlobId: null



  • [NEXUS-9754] - External Realm (LDAP, Crowd) cache duration setting
  • [NEXUS-10813] - add anonymous read access support for docker repositories
  • [NEXUS-11664] - HA - add nodeId to analytics events
  • [NEXUS-11935] - REST-Controlled Scheduled Tasks
  • [NEXUS-12390] - add a dry run mode to the Restore Asset/Component metadata from Blob Store task
  • [NEXUS-12655] - HTTP requests which attempt modification should receive 503 when server is read-only mode
  • [NEXUS-14411] - Firewall for RM 3 should ignore irrelevant files

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