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  • [NEXUS-9372] - repodata/repomd.xml isn't recognized as metadata in YUM proxy repository
  • [NEXUS-10243] - Content type exception uploading tar files - identified as application-gtar instead of application/tar
  • [NEXUS-12339] - Faulty result ordering for NuGet searches
  • [NEXUS-12457] - npm proxy receiving connection reset responds to client with status 500 instead of 404
  • [NEXUS-12968] - Uninformative log message in ProxyFacetSupport - Content not present for throwing exception
  • [NEXUS-13304] - 500 responses from Nexus after enabling quarantine on NuGet proxy repository
  • [NEXUS-13363] - Conditional GET requests for Docker image layers always download the layer when proxying another Nexus
  • [NEXUS-13554] - A NuGet package that is in Nexus 2.x storage but not in its database causes a NullPointerException on migration to Nexus 3
  • [NEXUS-13777] - JVM optimizations may log exceptions without stack traces by default due to OmitStackTraceInFastThrow
  • [NEXUS-18352] - cached proxy repository artifacts will become permanently quarantined if a newer file is downloaded from remote


  • [NEXUS-9546] - add better validation on task configuration numeric fields
  • [NEXUS-10144] - improve robustness of NuGet case insensitive package ID matching
  • [NEXUS-11870] - jetty-https.xml obfuscated keystore truststore password values are confusing
  • [NEXUS-13485] - warn in UI when ulimit < 65536 on Linux or OSX
  • [NEXUS-13901] - support upgrading Nexus 2 Firewall enabled repositories to Nexus 3


  • [NEXUS-12389] - if the component database references a soft-deleted blob then prevent blob store compaction task from hard deleting the blob
  • [NEXUS-13352] - add per task log files for easier task auditing
  • [NEXUS-13486] - prevent restoring database backups with mismatched versions
  • [NEXUS-13591] - Ingest product license file on server startup via a system property
  • [NEXUS-13900] - add YUM proxy repository support

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