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  • [NEXUS-10419] - nested webapp context path Nexus 3 breaks the UI
  • [NEXUS-11215] - valid .woff files fail Strict Content Type Validation with 400 response
  • [NEXUS-11910] - npm search against group repository fails with HTTP 500 due to not properly supporting /-/all resource
  • [NEXUS-12041] - WARN org.elasticsearch.env max file descriptors for elasticsearch process likely too low, consider increasing logged at start
  • [NEXUS-12064] - JPQLGenerator.toJpqlLiteral NullPointerException for NuGet /Packages() resource as submitted by OctopusDeploy
  • [NEXUS-12304] - `npm publish` on an already published package version does not update all changed package metadata
  • [NEXUS-12373] - parsing dates in some gemspec files could fail with IllegalArgumentException: Invalid format
  • [NEXUS-12397] - nexus-public base template binary fails to start due to DependencyResolver$UnresolvedDependencyException
  • [NEXUS-12405] - Crowd realm is missing 'Clear Cache' option like the LDAP realm has
  • [NEXUS-12485] - add privilege that controls access to health check summary report
  • [NEXUS-12540] - Unable to Start Nexus-public
  • [NEXUS-12711] - Nexus docker registry delete REST api partially deletes an image
  • [NEXUS-12716] - NullPointerException when running npm search
  • [NEXUS-12780] - task scheduler threads may deadlock at QuartzTaskJob.mayBlock() when more than 20 blocking tasks are encountered
  • [NEXUS-12855] - Only one capability of type 'Webhook: Repository' can be created
  • [NEXUS-12869] - npm publish a large package may cause java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space when parsing the JSON payload
  • [NEXUS-13000] - clarify file name references in documentation for upgrading from 3.2 to 3.3
  • [NEXUS-13026] - repository health check column displays 0 total and 0 bad even if repository has content
  • [NEXUS-13071] - Unfiltered LDAP user search will retrieve all users from an LDAP server, which can result in an OOM
  • [NEXUS-13085] - IllegalArgumentException Version mismatch may be logged when GA maven-metadata.xml versions are merged in a group repository request
  • [NEXUS-13087] - caching asset download counts under high unique request volume can lead to OutOfMemoryError and instability
  • [NEXUS-13092] - slow performance and metadata rebuild failures when running "Remove snapshots from Maven repository" against large datasets
  • [NEXUS-13096] - com.orientechnologies.common.profiler.OAbstractProfiler$MemoryChecker log spam every 2 minutes
  • [NEXUS-13126] - When "Require user tokens for repository authentication" is set nexus does not send an authorization header
  • [NEXUS-13127] - Anonymous access to repositories does not work when "Require user tokens for repository authentication" is set
  • [NEXUS-13130] - Timed out reading query result from queue when running purge unused snapshots task
  • [NEXUS-13136] - NullPointerException is thrown when user-agent header value is not present
  • [NEXUS-13141] - when merging maven-metadata.xml for a group request fails the repository ID containing the bad metadata is not logged
  • [NEXUS-13168] - NullPointerException on npm search when invalidating cache
  • [NEXUS-13178] - gem development dependencies are treated as runtime dependencies
  • [NEXUS-13371] - BlobAttributes deletedReason is logged as reason: null instead of the actual reason
  • [NEXUS-13385] - java.util.ConcurrentModificationException possible with Docker UploadManager during POST to blobs/uploads
  • [NEXUS-13430] - LDAP caching does not work with token based authentication
  • [NEXUS-13432] - asset download count feature contributes log noise and heap memory spike every 24 hrs when deleting old download counts
  • [NEXUS-13466] - SearchServiceImpl ERROR Elasticsearch index thread pool is overloaded message may appear in nexus.log


  • [NEXUS-12844] - Upgrade Apache Tika dependency to 1.14
  • [NEXUS-13098] - log and prevent startup when the started Nexus version is using a data directory from a newer Nexus version
  • [NEXUS-13137] - Purge unused components and assets task should support PyPi and Bower proxy repositories
  • [NEXUS-13163] - Use bulk API for incremental Elasticsearch updates
  • [NEXUS-13378] - Limit multiple outbound upstream requests for the same proxied asset
  • [NEXUS-13431] - upgrade OrientDB to version 2.2.21
  • [NEXUS-13584] - add task that can Restore Asset/Component metadata to component database from Blob Store contents

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