Release Notes - Dev - Nexus Repo - Version 3.3.0 - HTML format


  • [NEXUS-12427] - Update book documentation to explain new fields


  • [NEXUS-9492] - Preconfigured search criteria layout inconsistent with result table
  • [NEXUS-10059] - 404 response from Nexus 2 proxying Nexus 3 due to auto-routing
  • [NEXUS-10477] - SSL key/trust store is not thread-safe
  • [NEXUS-10503] - RepositoryManagerImpl is not thread-safe
  • [NEXUS-10533] - EnterpriseLdapManager is not thread-safe
  • [NEXUS-10540] - BlobStoreManagerImpl is not thread-safe
  • [NEXUS-10621] - DefaultCapabilityRegistry is not thread-safe
  • [NEXUS-10945] - deleting a repository may not remove it as a member from group repository
  • [NEXUS-11190] - java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException for inaccessible mounts prevents support zip generation
  • [NEXUS-11238] - Repository View - Browse permission grants too much access
  • [NEXUS-11937] - privileges which allow reading repository content also expose all repository names when browsing assets / components
  • [NEXUS-11965] - npm install fails with 500 error when user has Group level privileges
  • [NEXUS-11972] - JobStoreImpl should skip over malformed records to allow nexus to start
  • [NEXUS-12020] - LDAP cache entries do not expire properly
  • [NEXUS-12040] - Faulty handling of query timeouts in OrientAsyncHelper.QueueConsumingIterable
  • [NEXUS-12077] - Auto-blocked proxy repository logs gigantic stack trace, doesn't say what was blocked, or why
  • [NEXUS-12081] - Upgrade never completes if source repository has zero length files in it
  • [NEXUS-12091] - HTTP Proxy host name setting accepts invalid characters such as space which can prevent server start
  • [NEXUS-12242] - repository requests to paths containing certain characters may fail with status 500 "Illegal character in path at index"
  • [NEXUS-12250] - "Generic LDAP Server" UI configuration template should not have password attribute set by default
  • [NEXUS-12255] - book mentions upgrade options that are not available
  • [NEXUS-12285] - Remote Storage URL should be a required for proxy repository configuration
  • [NEXUS-12334] - Log spam when a user's session expires while viewing the repositories UI
  • [NEXUS-12337] - NuGet queries against asset attributes can be slow due to non-optimized indexes
  • [NEXUS-12338] - query parameter names for NuGet search requests are not case-insensitive
  • [NEXUS-12355] - MavenModels throws an IOException when attempting to parse an empty InputStream
  • [NEXUS-12367] - UI Danger error message when enabling RHC on a Maven Snapshot Repo.
  • [NEXUS-12404] - Crowd cache entries do not expire properly
  • [NEXUS-12443] - GET request to Nexus Pro raw format group repository trigger 500 MissingFacetException No facet of type AttributesFacet
  • [NEXUS-12481] - NullPointerException while rebuilding maven metadata if database operations timeout
  • [NEXUS-12483] - invalid nexus 2.x NuGet repository files will cause nexus 3.x upgrade to fail with NullPointerException
  • [NEXUS-12484] - targetFramework attribute in NuGet nuspec file is rendered as Unsupported
  • [NEXUS-12486] - Book example fails to download required dependencies
  • [NEXUS-12496] - FileBlobStore error handling makes it impossible to see what blob causes a runtime exception
  • [NEXUS-12508] - raw proxy repository negative not found cache does not cache correctly
  • [NEXUS-12527] - Nexus will not deliver files from the on-disk cache of a proxy repository if their metadata/artifact max age has expired and the remote is not reachable
  • [NEXUS-12535] - Manage Privileges search dialog loses cursor focus
  • [NEXUS-12676] - BlobStoreException should implement toString() to facilitate better exception messages
  • [NEXUS-12677] - proxy repository default negative cache size is too low to be effective
  • [NEXUS-12678] - Browse assets or components user interface slow to respond
  • [NEXUS-12693] - Create wildcard privilege form does not redirect to list view on success
  • [NEXUS-12852] - certain responses may print absolute file system paths in the response


  • [NEXUS-12095] - capture and expose the last download date of an asset
  • [NEXUS-12644] - add support for git-lfs
  • [NEXUS-12645] - make the Repository Health Check summary useful for discovering vulnerable components


  • [NEXUS-10774] - the icon to collapse user interface feature menu can be easily confused for a back navigation button
  • [NEXUS-12360] - expose blob created and updated dates to avoid confusion with last updated date
  • [NEXUS-12673] - display given roles in alphabetical order by name instead of arbitrary order

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