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  • [NEXUS-9302] - Administration cog icon may not be initially visible after successful sign in
  • [NEXUS-10234] - Maven httpclient may receive SocketException Broken pipe instead of expected status code on deploy
  • [NEXUS-10913] - "Verify connection" button on IQ server configuration page does not validate credentials
  • [NEXUS-11301] - upgrade to Nexus 3 fails if Nexus 2 has no anonymous user defined
  • [NEXUS-11614] - poor performance from snapshot removal tasks rebuilding maven metadata
  • [NEXUS-11632] - Content selector preview not handling leading slash properly
  • [NEXUS-11634] - Search and Browse not handling leading slash properly for content selectors
  • [NEXUS-11639] - legacy url mapping instructions are too confusing and not near enough to upgrade documentation
  • [NEXUS-11698] - browsing hosted docker repo may trigger UnrecognizedPropertyException Unrecognized field
  • [NEXUS-11726] - archived log file names should be named consistently
  • [NEXUS-11732] - prevent ClassCastException when handling StorageLinkItem during upgrade to Nexus 3
  • [NEXUS-11733] - editing is not discouraged
  • [NEXUS-11903] - ClassCastException Cannot cast java.lang.Long to java.util.Date during deploy
  • [NEXUS-11925] - Nexus 2 to Nexus 3 upgrade may fail with NullPointerException Cannot invoke method extract while processing RepositoryChangelogResource


  • [NEXUS-9293] - add a task to purge dangling docker images
  • [NEXUS-9500] - make capability validation message for URL type fields consistent and less confusing
  • [NEXUS-10638] - add a search criteria for repository name
  • [NEXUS-11670] - show ldap server name instead of id in Audit context column
  • [NEXUS-11921] - explicitly prevent quarantine enabled Nexus 2 repositories from upgrade into Nexus 3
  • [NEXUS-11923] - perform version compatibility check when upgrading from Nexus 2.x to Nexus 3.x
  • [NEXUS-11950] - implement quasi-atomic writes for all blobstore content


  • [NEXUS-11290] - provide option to suppress merging metadata for the same npm package in different group members

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