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  • [NEXUS-8941] - Nuget packageId case sensitivity
  • [NEXUS-9426] - npm repository URLs error
  • [NEXUS-9523] - Starting to leave the browser with a dirty page but staying can break the UI
  • [NEXUS-9745] - URL hostname displayed in repository list cannot be influenced by incoming HTTP headers
  • [NEXUS-9844] - Wrong max component age pre-set for release Maven proxy
  • [NEXUS-10019] - Deletion of asset from single asset component causes failure in UI
  • [NEXUS-10131] - “Stop Monitoring” button should not be displayed when no repositories are being synced
  • [NEXUS-10147] - add ability to dump invalid JSON payloads submitted by docker on parse errors
  • [NEXUS-10149] - npm login returns 404 for npm proxy repositories
  • [NEXUS-10150] - Migration - Can't migrate empty group
  • [NEXUS-10154] - OrientDb allocates massive disk cache on large systems
  • [NEXUS-10163] - HTTP authentication lost in migration
  • [NEXUS-10279] - Long delay after large maven artifact is uploaded, results in failure due to jetty idle timeout
  • [NEXUS-10473] - tmp files may be kept open after deletion
  • [NEXUS-10599] - Staging repositories should not be included in the migration list
  • [NEXUS-10630] - Unable to push image whenever it shares layers with another image already pushed by another docker client
  • [NEXUS-10808] - eager caching of nuget versions contributes to slow query performance
  • [NEXUS-10817] - publishing npm packages with wrongly encoded ISO-8859-1 JSON fails with 400
  • [NEXUS-10883] - DEBUG level logging should print HTTP response code Nexus is sending
  • [NEXUS-10917] - Repository Combobox Filtering not working
  • [NEXUS-10970] - Ruby migration has problems with gems that have non-standard platform strings
  • [NEXUS-11174] - Upgraded (maven?) components do not show in format specific search
  • [NEXUS-11237] - Rebuild Maven Metadata task to improve handling of invalid version format
  • [NEXUS-11254] - task "Rebuild repository index" may fail with with OutOfMemoryError
  • [NEXUS-11267] - Nexus boots into wrong mode, fails to start
  • [NEXUS-11679] - OutOfMemoryError when accessing node group repository in GUI


  • [NEXUS-9979] - Want to edit Repostiory Target pattern expression
  • [NEXUS-10418] - automatically clear the karaf bundle cache on startup
  • [NEXUS-10823] - component / asset webhook events for common operations
  • [NEXUS-10882] - upgrade Apache Shiro dependency to 1.3.1 to pick up recent security fixes
  • [NEXUS-11141] - support for nuget repository "package-versions" endpoint


  • [NEXUS-9670] - Make ESC work in modal dialogs
  • [NEXUS-9873] - If there is only one blobstore then just select it in the new repository screen
  • [NEXUS-10209] - product license mangement
  • [NEXUS-10242] - Capture stdout and stderr to logfile
  • [NEXUS-10446] - blob store names should be case insensitive
  • [NEXUS-10454] - Move the default location of the data directory in the tar/zip installs out of the install directory
  • [NEXUS-10518] - Upgrade to OrientDB 2.2.x
  • [NEXUS-10637] - The URL and status fields in the Repository admin table should be cloned to browse mode
  • [NEXUS-10829] - Store commonly customized configuration in the data folder
  • [NEXUS-10922] - Mask the UI on repository/blob store deletion

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