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  • [NEXUS-1312] - NTLM auth is broken
  • [NEXUS-3448] - When downloading artifacts through REST redirect the user is not prompted for authorization.
  • [NEXUS-3638] - while parsing Maven plugin
  • [NEXUS-3878] - Re-enabling anonymous access requires user to enter the anonymous user password
  • [NEXUS-3879] - viewing user information triggers many duplicate AJAX requests resulting in poor performance
  • [NEXUS-3882] - Authz feeds sometimes have problems resolving IP Address
  • [NEXUS-3915] - When artifacts are blocked if they fail content validation - no entry is made in the RSS feeds
  • [NEXUS-4086] - File name gets encoded at deploy time - Version with encoded chars
  • [NEXUS-4090] - Possible to create cycle of group repositories, results in stack overflow
  • [NEXUS-4099] - Artifact maximum age has no effect for release repositories, but is enabled.
  • [NEXUS-4100] - OOM during re-index when indexer opens large WAR files
  • [NEXUS-4107] - Sonatype repositories - cant browse repositories
  • [NEXUS-4109] - Role ID's with spaces give error 400 when you select them in the Nexus UI
  • [NEXUS-4110] - Browse storage recursively shows the same node
  • [NEXUS-4115] - LDAP user role mappings not working for mixed cased userId's
  • [NEXUS-4122] - Empty trash shouldn't break if it is not able to delete a directory.
  • [NEXUS-4123] - NPE deleting group repositories if route list is empty
  • [NEXUS-4124] - user_to_roles and ldap config REST API only work for admin users
  • [NEXUS-4137] - REST documentation for user-to-role XML payload is incorrect.
  • [NEXUS-4150] - Browse remote doesn't seem to be working for https url's
  • [NEXUS-4151] - Nexus creates zero byte files in /content if content type header is in correct
  • [NEXUS-4163] - Documentation for role-request XML payload is incorrect
  • [NEXUS-4170] - Remote repository browsing doesn't work with password protected repositories
  • [NEXUS-4184] - Deleting a gigabyte file takes forever...
  • [NEXUS-4192] - nexus-archetype-plugin is not packaged as core plugin within nexus-webapp-
  • [NEXUS-4194] - Checksumming the StorageFileItems should be improved
  • [NEXUS-4195] - Attribute expansion does too much
  • [NEXUS-4196] - File being uploaded/stored in repository is visible while having "tmp" name
  • [NEXUS-4198] - Log spam when out of service proxy repo is accessed through a group.
  • [NEXUS-4211] - Checksum search (using applet) fails with NPE


  • [NEXUS-3839] - v=LATEST param not supported for SNAPSHOT artifact retrieval from groups
  • [NEXUS-3853] - Add LICENSE.txt to war
  • [NEXUS-4066] - Finish the task mutual-exclusion implementation
  • [NEXUS-4114] - UI broken in nexus 1.9 with repository group "all"
  • [NEXUS-4133] - Update Shiro to latest version
  • [NEXUS-4186] - Search tree shows more artifacts than repository index tree
  • [NEXUS-4248] - backport NEXUS-4218 into 1.9.1

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