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  • [NEXUS-3032] - Check for wrapper.conf reload, create a POC project
  • [NEXUS-3033] - Check for classworlds.conf JAR exclusions
  • [NEXUS-3042] - Create support classes for changing wrapper.conf that would honor user changes
  • [NEXUS-3046] - Externalize how application context is created, and reuse the code in BUUP
  • [NEXUS-3171] - Add to nexus (1.4.2) bundle
  • [NEXUS-3175] - Add support for connections behind a proxy
  • [NEXUS-3204] - Handle repos that require auth
  • [NEXUS-3205] - Handle the case when the remote repo is offline
  • [NEXUS-3213] - Add unit test for each tested repo
  • [NEXUS-3219] - Manual test of remote browser


  • [NEXUS-3044] - Large file with longer that 13 minutes for the upload causes socket error
  • [NEXUS-3057] - Nexus returned an error: ERROR -1: transaction aborted
  • [NEXUS-3069] - Enforce M2 Release policy redownload behavior
  • [NEXUS-3070] - Deleting artifacts in the UI reloads the tree of files.
  • [NEXUS-3092] - UNC paths are not handled properly in working directory configuration
  • [NEXUS-3103] - Problem Reporting times out during file listing
  • [NEXUS-3111] - Error deploying nexus.war in glassfish v3
  • [NEXUS-3115] - Add legacy security adapter to bundle
  • [NEXUS-3120] - Fix swizzle parent version
  • [NEXUS-3122] - CSS location does not use the forced base url
  • [NEXUS-3140] - Anonymous access still possible after anon access disabled
  • [NEXUS-3141] - ConcurrentModificationException in
  • [NEXUS-3147] - Can't upload a third-party library to nexus
  • [NEXUS-3148] - SNAPSHOT detection should check for ends with 'SNAPSHOT' not ends with '-SNAPSHOT'
  • [NEXUS-3150] - Fix IT in trunk
  • [NEXUS-3158] - Packaging type zip isn't indexed, instead it says POM
  • [NEXUS-3162] - Nexus proxy snapshot templates are incorrect
  • [NEXUS-3167] - Username and Password still being sent when checking LDAP authentication
  • [NEXUS-3168] - 400 error when attempting to check user mapping
  • [NEXUS-3170] - JS Error: this.updateWritePolicy is not a function
  • [NEXUS-3174] - org.apache.lucene.index.CorruptIndexException: Unknown format version: -7
  • [NEXUS-3177] - memory dump on rso
  • [NEXUS-3180] - Invoking HEAD method against central fails and takes a long time
  • [NEXUS-3200] - Upgrade from 1.4.1 fails
  • [NEXUS-3202] - URL Security realm will not load in 1.4.2
  • [NEXUS-3203] - NPE in remote repository browser when applying proxy to http client
  • [NEXUS-3216] - Change Remote Browser plugin to not autoload tree root node on panel init
  • [NEXUS-3218] - Absolute path was somehow set for a proxy repo, even though it wasn't set via the UI
  • [NEXUS-3222] - Remote repository browser gets into state of redirect loop
  • [NEXUS-3229] - RRB plugin doesn't work with Procurement
  • [NEXUS-3231] - Browse repository nearly goes into infinite loop against Artifactory snapshot repository.
  • [NEXUS-3257] - Adding a path to a repository target causes any repository target privileges associated with it to disappear
  • [NEXUS-3414] - Errors renaming maven-metadata.xml.sha1.tmp --> maven-metadata.xml.sha1 inside a Group


  • [NEXUS-2072] - Allow browsing of remote repositories without indexes.
  • [NEXUS-3018] - Stage Nexus 1.4.1
  • [NEXUS-3130] - Add other default repos
  • [NEXUS-3151] - Move OSS code to NEXUS OSS tree
  • [NEXUS-3153] - enable LDAP plugin by default
  • [NEXUS-3157] - Manual testing of LDAP
  • [NEXUS-3188] - Work around Reactor order problem in build
  • [NEXUS-3191] - Rollback Nexus trunk to use Plexus Contaner
  • [NEXUS-3232] - Allow the ResourceMergingConfigurationManager to merge users/roles from different security sources together

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