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  • [NEXUS-12101] - Implement enableCircularRedirectsForHosts in NX3
  • [NEXUS-12102] - Migrate enableCircularRedirectsForHosts setting from NX2 to NX3
  • [NEXUS-12103] - Document the enableCircularRedirectsForHosts functionality
  • [NEXUS-12231] - Ensure cleanup task performs correctly in single-node and HA environments


  • [NEXUS-10049] - First time starting nexus via Docker has karaf log warn
  • [NEXUS-10429] - Task produces WARN if "incorrect" repository is selected
  • [NEXUS-10759] - Deleting a repository of non-trivial sizes lags and floods the log with exceptions
  • [NEXUS-11020] - too much DEBUG logging from
  • [NEXUS-11140] - Elasticsearch (JDK) overflow on disks larger than 2^63 (Amazon EFS)
  • [NEXUS-11283] - Blobstore counts inaccurate
  • [NEXUS-11518] - ProxyServiceException stack trace logged at WARN when remote responds with HTTP/1.1 401
  • [NEXUS-11872] - Deleting a repository with an item in it errors in nexus.log
  • [NEXUS-11922] - Book inaccurately states Group search criteria supports asterisk for pattern matching
  • [NEXUS-11947] - Deploying docker manifest which has unknown properties causes an entire docker package to become unusable.
  • [NEXUS-11988] - npm hosted repository package metadata tarball URLs incorrectly contain generated-on-request placeholder after upgrade
  • [NEXUS-11994] - SNAPSHOT requests are processed by Maven 2 repositories with policy Release
  • [NEXUS-11995] - Repository migration fails with "com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonMappingException: Invalid type marker byte 0xfa for expected field name (or END_OBJECT marker)"
  • [NEXUS-12073] - Pulling from Docker group generates error unless read access assigned directly to member
  • [NEXUS-12076] - Upgrade wizard checks for hard link capability even though a different ingest method is chosen
  • [NEXUS-12083] - Exception while executing "Purge unused docker manifests and images" task
  • [NEXUS-12099] - gradually slowing upgrade of Nexus 2 site repositories to Nexus 3 raw repositories
  • [NEXUS-12230] - User token is deleted if external server cannot be reached
  • [NEXUS-12310] - select from component query for NuGet is missing database index causing it to perform slowly
  • [NEXUS-12322] - Storage consideration when upgrading from 2.x to 3.x
  • [NEXUS-12336] - repository formats lacking a groupid concept can suffer from slow db queries due to missing indexes


  • [NEXUS-11001] - Get rid of "connection pending..." status message


  • [NEXUS-10164] - add support proxying in nexus 3
  • [NEXUS-10750] - limit displayed search criteria to the formats of configured searchable repositories
  • [NEXUS-11306] - provide only one defacto official Nexus 3 docker image
  • [NEXUS-11909] - content requests to Nexus 2 by migration agent should avoid HTTP 404 Not Found caused by URL encoding

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