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Dillemas with deploying 3rd party artifacts to Maven central



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      What to do when you have to deploy some 3rd party artifacts which don't meet deployment requirements?

      I'm preparing to deploy my Maven plugin for Play! Framework project (http://code.google.com/p/maven-play-plugin/) to central repository. I need to deploy Play! Framework 1.2.5 version first (http://download.playframework.org/releases/play-1.2.5.zip).
      There are some dependencies (in framework/lib directory) I have problems with: jj-imaging (shaded, no scm repo), jj-simplecaptcha (shaded), jj-wikitext (shaded+patched), jj-textile (shaded+patched), hibernate (patched), commons-javaflow (patched), org.eclipse.jdt (no developer info).

      My questions are:
      1. what about <scm> section if there is no source repository available?
      2. what about <scm> section if artifact is patched/shaded and the patched/shaded version is not available in any scm repository? should I use the original project repository or not?
      3. what about <developers> section if there is no info about developers (Eclipse JDT Core project in my case)
      4. should the license files be added to -sources (and -javadoc) attachments for artifacts with licenses which require licence info to be added if the project is redistributed in binary or source form (Eclipse, BSD style licenses for example) or license text/url in the pom.xml file is enough?

      My thoughts:

      Ad.1. If there is not scm repository I can declare something like that:


      but any scm info parser will fail to process it (I mean M2-Eclipse plugin materializing project from scm repository functionality for example)

      Ad.2. If the artifact if patched/shaded keeping the original project scm parameters does not make sense, because patched/shaded artifact sources are not present in that repository. I could commit them in my scm repository and use it's url in <scm> section but this makes no sense too, because this would not be a real scm repository. I could declare "not_available" (like in "Ad.1" above) but I don't like it because there is the original project source repo.

      Ad.3. If I cannot list developers I can declare:

      <name>not available</name>

      but I don't like it.

      Ad.4. There is no possibility to add additional files to "-sources.jar" attachment when generating it. I can add resources, but I don't want all resources to be added. Is there anything better than antrun script? "-javadoc.jar" is neither source nor binary form of the artifact, so adding license is not required here, I think.




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