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LDAP error on discard can hose UI


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    • 3.0.0-m7, 3.0.0
    • LDAP, UI
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    • Chrome MacOSX


      I noticed that if you setup an LDAP user but discard a change, you will see the attached error. If you subsequently logout (other actions may trigger this), you'll see a garbled logout message and be missing headers then subsequently a garbled login on retry - the UI appears totally hosed tho is partially navigatable. You'll need to refresh the browser to get the UI restored.

      This issue occurs with debug on or off. With debug on you also see the below in the browser console. Nothing shows in the nexus.log.
      This does not occur with a non-LDAP (nexus "default") user.
      It occurs on initial setup or on later edit.

      I did not check older (pre-m7) NX3 or NX2 at this time.

      Let me know if you desire a video.

      Uncaught TypeError: Function.prototype.apply: Arguments list has wrong type
      VM296 baseapp-debug.js?_v=3.0.0-SNAPSHOT&_dc=1455299914728&debug=true:4568
      Base.implement.callParent @ VM296 baseapp-debug.js?_v=3.0.0-SNAPSHOT&_dc=1455299914728&debug=true:4568
      Ext.override.setValue @ VM747 UserSettingsExternalForm.js?_dc=1455299916679:134
      Ext.define.reset @ VM296 baseapp-debug.js?_v=3.0.0-SNAPSHOT&_dc=1455299914728&debug=true:56158
      Base.implement.callParent @ VM296 baseapp-debug.js?_v=3.0.0-SNAPSHOT&_dc=1455299914728&debug=true:4568
      Ext.define.reset @ VM296 baseapp-debug.js?_v=3.0.0-SNAPSHOT&_dc=1455299914728&debug=true:57552
      Ext.define.reset @ VM296 baseapp-debug.js?_v=3.0.0-SNAPSHOT&_dc=1455299914728&debug=true:113339
      Ext.define.discardChanges @ VM383 SettingsForm.js?_dc=1455299915597:147fire @ VM296 baseapp-debug.js?_v=3.0.0-SNAPSHOT&_dc=1455299914728&debug=true:10813
      Ext.define.dispatch @ VM296 baseapp-debug.js?_v=3.0.0-SNAPSHOT&_dc=1455299914728&debug=true:88746
      prototype.fireEventArgs @ VM296 baseapp-debug.js?_v=3.0.0-SNAPSHOT&_dc=1455299914728&debug=true:88840
      fireEvent @ VM296 baseapp-debug.js?_v=3.0.0-SNAPSHOT&_dc=1455299914728&debug=true:12201
      Ext.define.fireHandler @ VM296 baseapp-debug.js?_v=3.0.0-SNAPSHOT&_dc=1455299914728&debug=true:47157
      Ext.define.onClick @ VM296 baseapp-debug.js?_v=3.0.0-SNAPSHOT&_dc=1455299914728&debug=true:47143
      (anonymous function) @ VM919:6
      wrap @ VM296 baseapp-debug.js?_v=3.0.0-SNAPSHOT&_dc=1455299914728&debug=true:11583


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