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make it easier to enable feature specific loggers


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      I need to be able to enable all logging or only certain loggers related to a specific feature of Nexus. For example when debugging Smart Proxy connections in a subscriber there is a certain list of loggers that need to be made DEBUG. In the subscriber, this is mostly the same but not necessarily. Also, enabling org.sonatype.nexus.smartproxy=DEBUG can still be too verbose. There could be as many as 5-10 different loggers that need to be adjusted specifically in order to get useful output that does not cause too much log noise.

      Simply ROOT DEBUG is not good enough for a production environment. This will quickly fill the disk of a busy system. It can fill so quickly we are often left not being able to get more information to help a customer because they refuse to enable more verbose logging at risk of destabilizing the system.

      A user should not care as much about fine grained logger names. Instead they should be able to perform action such as "Enable Smart Proxy Debug Logging" with a single action instead of 1) asking support to tell them all the logger names that are relevant 2) adding all the missing logger names and hoping for no typos 3) setting the levels correctly 4) resetting the loggers when done and hoping they didn't forget any.

      A plugin component should explicitly declare and add to the default loggers list the logger names which are specific to that plugin. Tests could be added to protect from package name changes making this list obsolete.


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