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add a nexus-staging-maven-plugin:deploy-staged-repository equivalent feature to nxrm3-maven-plugin


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      The org.sonatype.plugins:nexus-staging-maven-plugin:1.6.13 plugin used for Staging operations in Nexus Repository Pro version 2x has a goal called deploy-staged-repository

      The purpose is described by its help:

        Description: Deploys the (previously) staged artifacts from some local
          repository, that were staged using maven-deploy-plugin together with switch
          altDeploymentRepository for cases when POM modifications are not possible
          for some reason. In contrast to DeployMojo and DeployStagedMojo mojos, this
          mojo takes an 'image' of the previously deployed (to local FS) in some
          previous build, and uploads the whole directory (with all files and
          subdirectories) 'as-is' to a staging repository on Nexus. Naturally, this
          will would work only for a build of a released project (like a tag
          checkout). Since POM is not editable -- otherwise you would not be using
          this but the DeployMojo --, the intent with this Mojo is to be called
          directly, fully parameterized. At least, you have to set nexusUrl,
          serverId, stagingProfileId (also stagingRepositoryId if needed) and
          repositoryDirectory parameters on CLI.

      However the Nexus Repository 3 Maven Staging Plugin does not have an equivalent goal that can bulk deploy a directory of locally staged and not yet remotely deployed artifacts.

      The problem this creates is one is forced to not use the Maven plugin to bulk deploy the staged files to a specified tag and remote repo. Instead the staging and tagging REST API of repo 3 along with customized scripting which iterates over the files to be uploaded needs to be used instead. Added complexity can occur in this alternative approach because one has to ensure that artifacts from all modules are consistently tagged, across multiple uploads.


      Provide a Maven plugin goal or other maven plugin mechanism to deploy a directory of already locally ( client side using altDeploymentRepository feature ) "staged" components to a Maven hosted repository in Nexus Repository Pro version 3, that works similarly and has similar transactional semantics that the repo 2 maven staging plugin does.




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