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viewing Component IQ component details is a bad user experience when IQ Server has thousands of applications


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      1. Connect Repo 3 to IQ Server using an IQ Server user account that has access to access to the "Root Organization" as is typically desired if using Nexus Firewall with Repo 3.
      2. Ensure IQ Server has lots of "applications" - for example 10000 thousand.
      3. Put a test Component into one repo. For example download abbot jar and pom through the built in maven-central proxy repo

      curl -v -u admin:admin123 http://localhost:8081/repository/maven-central/abbot/abbot/0.13.0/abbot-0.13.0.pom
      curl -v -u admin:admin123 http://localhost:8081/repository/maven-central/abbot/abbot/0.13.0/abbot-0.13.0.jar

      4. In Repo 3, use Search to navigate to the abbot jar. When the search result is selected, the default tab displayed will be "Summary". Repo 3 "remembers whatever tab you last selected when viewing a component though.
      5. Click the "Component IQ" tab.
      Problem: When the page loads, it makes a call to IQ server at URL /rest/integration/applications?goal=VIEW_CIP for all applications the configured IQ Server user has access to. With thousands of applications this is not a fast call - it has been reported to take for one customer that has 11000 applications 15-25 seconds. Once you get the initial list, if you wish to scroll down because the application is not present on the initial list, expect another 15 or more seconds to wait to find the application you want in the list. The UX makes the feature not very usable.

      There are other places a similar list of applications are loaded, such as

      • Browse to a component and then scroll into and view the Component IQ section of the component details - there is a drop down there as well
      • RHC in repo 3 may make a call to /service/rest/healthcheck/clm/rest/integration/applications?goal=VIEW_CIP which will make an outbound call into IQ server at /rest/integration/applications?goal=VIEW_CIP


      Provide a UX experience that better handles the use case of evaluating a repo component in the repo 3 user interface per application when IQ Server connection user has access to all applications.


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