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log in repo 3 application log the 2 to 3 migration state to make it easy to determine why migration cannot be ended gracefully



      At Step 8 of 9 in repository 2 to 3 migration wizard, there are two main steps being performed

      1. Scanning NX2 repos for content to migrate
      2. Syncing any additional changes

      It is possible that step 1 completes ( Completed X of X repositories ) and step 2 is actively syncing to NX2 with no further updates pending, yet the Continue button never enables for the user.

      It has been observed that when the Continue button never becomes enabled - that the backend believes it should not be yet for some unknown reason. Sometimes the end user would like to stop migration and retain in NXRM 3 any thing that has since been migrated successfully and bypass waiting for any more changes. Since the continue button is not enabled, they can't do this.

      There are two options for the user:
      1. Click Abort - this stops migration and blows away most everything (repos) that have been successfully migrated to NXRM 3. This is not desired during a long migration test, and given the fact that if migration was attempted again, one would have to manually reset NXRM 3 anyways.
      2. Scour the repo 2 and repo 3 application logs, hoping to find some logging at default levels that could explain why the backend believes Continue should not be enabled. Finding the reason using logs is not easy or even possible in some cases ( due to lack of logging )


      The migration wizard UI polls the backend regularly with a POST /service/extdirect request to ask when it can enable the "Continue" button,

      The payload looks something like this:


      The response will contain something like this:

      {"tid":5842,"action":"migration_Progress","method":"read","result":{"success":true,"data":{"complete":0.5,"steps":[{"id":"6c287b8a-9b49-4211-a03b-a398349d0ab0","name":"Scan 141 repositories","state":"COMPLETED","complete":1.0,"status":"Completed","phase":"SYNC"},{"id":"7abfb010-6139-41b7-be9a-7c9a2b16d833","name":"Process changes","state":"RUNNING","complete":0.0,"status":"197 processed  <a href=\"#\" onclick=\"return false;\">(193 failed)</a>, 0 seconds since last change, press \"Continue\" when ready","phase":"SYNC"}]}},"type":"rpc"}



      Document what logger to adjust, or add the appropriate level of logging at default levels to learn WHY the Continue button is not being enabled and the backend believes it is not ready for the end user to Continue.




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