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repository 2 repository view privileges may not get migrated as repository 3 repository browse privileges


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      Define a custom role in NXRM 2 that contains the role "repo-all-read" which is the internal Role that displays in the UI as:

      Repo: All Maven Repositories (Read)

      • All M1 Repositories - (read)
      • All M2 Repositories - (read)
      • All Repositories - (view)

      The All Repositories - (view) allows an NXRM 2 user to see all the repositories in the NXRM 2 repository list.

      Assign the custom role to a user and perform an upgrade/migration using migration wizard to repository 3. The same migrated user will not be able to see all the repositories in the NXRM 3 Browse UI or may not even see a "Browse" menu item in the left Browse sidebar.

      The result is some users in NXRM 3 who are used to seeing a long repo list will only see no “Browse” sidebar item at all, or a smaller set than what they have been used to.

      The short term solution is to manually apply the


      privilege to any role that needs it in NXRM 3. This can be done in explicit roles that are missing it, or in some cases the new “Default Role” capability can be used to achieve this effect.


      Translate the All Repositories - (view) privilege in NXRM 2 to equivalent browse privilege in NXRM 3.


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