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"All format" cleanup policies disappear from repository assignments after editing


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      1. Create a cleanup policy for "All formats" with component age of 10 days
      2. Assign this policy to a repository
      3. Edit the cleanup policy, and change the component age to 11 days
      4. view the repository that previously had the policy Applied to it. Observe that the policy has now entirely disappeared from the maven repository's configuration.  It isn't just back in the Available list, it is completely missing, and cannot be reassigned to any repository.

      If the affected repositories are edited and saved again for any other reason, and the editor does not notice the empty Applied policy list, it will mean that the Applied policy list will get saved as empty and this will mean that disk space may not be cleaned up anymore.


      Create and use format specific cleanup policies and only assign these to repositories.


      1. "All format" policies should be either Available or Applied for repos, after a cleanup policy is edited
      2. Restore previously hidden All format policies affected by this bug as "Available" to all repositories
      3. Do not magically insert back an affected hidden "Applied" policy affected by this bug to a repository configuration ( in case the end user has already implemented a work around and also to avoid silently assigning cleanup to repos)


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