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Task "Repair - Reconcile date metadata from blob store" does not update dates



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      Customer performed a Repair - Reconcile component database from blob store to restore docker image data from blobstore.
      The dates for these restored assets were set to current date instead of the created date of the blobs in the blobstore.

      The customer then ran a Repair - Reconcile date metadata from blob store to update the dates of the metadata to match the blobstore data. This had no effect on changing any of the existing dates, which as a result of running Repair - Reconcile component database from blob store were unexpectedly the time when the asset/component was restored.

      The documentation for Repair - Reconcile date metadata from blob store task says the following: "This task reads the blobstore and updates the assets in the database with date information."


      Decide if this task is no longer needed or has been replaced by other tasks. If not longer needed, possibly remove this task from being selectable in the UI and have documentation updated, possibly just leave it available for calling via scripting.

      For the Repair - Reconcile date metadata from blob store task:

      • document more clearly what specific types of dates it is intending to update that will eventually be visible in the UI of Browse UI
      • document under what logical conditions dates will get updated to new values and from where those values are derived.
      • document when to not use this task, why it was introduced, what it is not appropriate for


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